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  1. Catwise..I am interested to hear from you as to whether or not your cash-out has gone through yet. I submitted all the documents requested 10 days ago, within an hour of receiving the email. I've also had a cash-out sitting "in progress" for 11 days now. I have commented on the opened case twice now, with no response. The case says "work in progress". Very frustrating. :matte-motes-frown:

  2. Dear Commerce Team,


    Over 75% of my listings, (I have over 100 listings on the MP), were affected by this bug. Luckily I was able to manually edit them some months ago, and so I spent hours and days of my time fixing them all.

    This morning I received the email and followed the link. Two pictures were shown, and I chose to delete those. However, underneath those was a list of my listings where images had been removed from another merchant's listings. Here is the problem. Each one of those listings of mine now contains, once again, another merchant's image.

    See here;




    I had manually corrected all of these listings months ago. Why are they now containing other merchant's images again? Additionally, the extra images are ones which I haven't seen before in my listings..they are different to the images which I originally had troubles with.

    I am concerned that we are entering into the same issues we had before. If I go and manually fix these listings now, which were fixed before I received your email, will it start to spread once again through all of my listings?

    I sincerely hope not. I appreciate this attempt to clean up this bug, however, all it has done for my listings is make them worse and re-introduce other merchant's images.

    angel6 Susanti

  3. Hi everyone,

    I haven't changed my magic boxes etc over to DD yet because I am lazy.. in fact I haven't looked at my store for a few days. I went and had a look at my listings this morning, and well, here are the results;

    marketplace weirdness 3.jpg


    marketplace weirdness 4.jpg



    Could I maybe get some help with this pretty please:) I don't sell BBQ's, I don't sell a red polka dot dress, or a drum circle box, and all the dresses in the pictures I made. In the screenshot you can see the actual addresses of each page, the first being my main store page, the second is the green gentle fairy dress I sell.  Also, the associated links under the dress have a range of other people's thing in them. They are all my dresses in the pictures. Hmm.

    I was logged into the marketplace at the time.

    I refreshed the pages a few times.. but half my store is still showing as my pictures, but with text from other people's products. I haven't tested what happens when I go to buy the product yet ..it shows that I would be paying someone else, not me.



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