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  1. Hi Celestrea. I messaged you in world but didn't get a reply. Are these still available?
  2. I feel your pain! My 14th Rez Day is next Friday! Sheesh!! I've been gone for years, but I guess quarantine brought me back! Feel free to friend me! I'm CST!
  3. No it hasn't sold yet! I've extended the offer bc the person who was gonna buy it ended up buying another sim!
  4. No it's not sold yet! Feel free to make me an offer!
  5. Hi Alix! I replied inworld via email! Let me know if you didn't get it!
  6. I have a full grandfathered sim for sale to the best offer before 6.18.2016. Feel free to drop by and visit Rundas before making your offer!  The transfer fee for a grandfathered sim is $600, so no offer below $600 will be entertained if you wish to remain grandfathered after the purchase.  Grandfathered sims save you $100 per month in tier fees ($195 vs $295 per month). Transfer fees for non-grandfathered sims are $100, so I will entertain any offer above this if you don't wish for the sim to remain grandfathered after purchase. I am rarely in game so I would prefer responses here. Tier date is the 28th of every month.      
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