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  1. No it hasn't sold yet! I've extended the offer bc the person who was gonna buy it ended up buying another sim!
  2. Hi Alix! I replied inworld via email! Let me know if you didn't get it!
  3. I have a full grandfathered sim for sale to the best offer before 6.18.2016. Feel free to drop by and visit Rundas before making your offer!  The transfer fee for a grandfathered sim is $600, so no offer below $600 will be entertained if you wish to remain grandfathered after the purchase.  Grandfathered sims save you $100 per month in tier fees ($195 vs $295 per month). Transfer fees for non-grandfathered sims are $100, so I will entertain any offer above this if you don't wish for the sim to remain grandfathered after purchase. I am rarely in game so I would prefer responses here. Tier date is the 28th of every month.      
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