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  1. does this mean that LL might occationally answer a phone or maybe respond to anything at all going on in world? if you i will beleive it when i see it. How about also working to get rid of the over abundance of racial slur profanity spewing sexist comment greifers in the world that have dozens of alt accts listed under dozens of different fake email accts and maybe get rid of the annoying bots all over the world. Maybe just a thought but try for once to uphold your own TOS and do your jobs for once instead of sitting back and hoping the money will just fall into your pockets like you did while SL started its trip down the toilet. You crapped on every single person that made sl what it was so you could woo all the great corporations you wanted to dump funds in to sl and that backfired then the whole freeloader accts was opened then the exchange ruined the economy in world and now after all your great ideas sl is swirling the bowl, so now maybe for once make a decision based on something good. But then again like the last 4 years i will not hold my breath my bet is the sl and LL will be belly up by 2011 and with all the good content creators already leaving or gone to other worlds even if it does some how miraculously pull thru it will be a shell of what it was and couldve been. Im really surprized LL couldve pulled of launching sl at all based on the way you ran it and continue to ignore the people in it, you wont even answer abuse reports and when you do its a slap on the wrist at best and they laugh make a new acct, come bnack and continue, rinse repeat. Its all a joke that you cant even control the access to your own creation. grow a pair and fix the greifer problem at least.
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