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  1. You can find a list of thirs party exchanges here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Archive/Third_Party_Linden_Dollar_Exchanges List is not updated but most of them still work and all had RIsk Api so you can trust them.
  2. Show him this graph and ask where does he see the increse of LS price. Should help https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/graph-price.php?graph_days=90 If only other currencies were as stable as LS is ...
  3. Irene, I know but this page is the only way that you can verify LS exchange. We can suppose that if LL checked the company some time ago and stated that it is not a fraud or scam it is not a thief now. As I wrote - I am not sure if the compaint mail to LL still works but I am sure it is good argument to be used when discussing problems with 3rd party exchange. Of course client can always use LL Support and send them ticket. But let me express it once again - the first thing to do is to talk with a representative of the exchgange. Your messages could have been lost, somebody forgot to answer, you did not explained your problem clearly, they have holiday.... millions of possibilites.
  4. If you suspect Linden Lab of charging your card you must have linked it someday to your SL account (buying LS, paying for services etc). The very first thing to do is to check who is really charging your card, and you must contact your bank to know it or check it yourself on your bank account history. And do not worry - if somebody charged you card by mistake or is stealing money you always have chargeback option. But use it only when you are 100 sure that it is not your mistake.
  5. Sick, let me ask if you bought LS from Linden Lab or 3rd party exchange? To start your LS limit increasing you must buy directly from Lnden Lab, not from anybody else.
  6. Have you downgraded your account from Premium (which you probably paid for before) to Basic? If not - do it now.
  7. As you were advised - check all affilated 3rd party exchanges from the LL list, compare it to LindeX and find the best offer. You can also behave as LS exchange and sell your LS to other resident, 'eating' the spread but the problem is to find a person who trusts you enough to pay.
  8. I do not think that it is OK to advertise any specific company when answering someone post (especially when it is your company:) but you can google the problem of visa card for second life and for sure you will find something like prepaid card for SL.
  9. http://slnewser.blogspot.com/2011/01/podexs-jacek-shuftan-on-buying-lindens.html
  10. Very often that is not LL who is guilty but the card issuer. The reason can be eg limit on the card for internet transaction etc so the first step shoudl be contacting your bank and asking them. If they say it is all ok, try to link your card to PayPal, which is more card-friendly:), and verify PayPal account and buy LS through PayPal. If you do not like Paypal it is good idea not to buy LS directly but first add money to your SL account balance and than buy LS. I do not know why but sometimes it works;)
  11. Of course contacting Billing should help but I do not see the reason to worry ( if your Paypal account has good standing of course). When USD arrive to your PayPal account "upload" them back to SL and the only thing you lose is 1 USD which LL charge and some time.
  12. Third party exchanges which ale listed on Linden Lab page are subject of Linden Lab interest and usually care not to be complained. ( I run one one of such exchanges so let me say that being on LL list is a kind oh honour and all companies worry not to be removed) What I suggest: 1) Be sure that they received your messages and understood them correctly. In 99 percent it is missunderstanding or not correctly send email. 2) Ask them to give you back your LS, if they can not send you Euros. (I do not understand how it is possible as you can always send money to PayPal account but everything can happen) 3) If they refuse or do not react tell them that you are going to inform Linden Lab about this case and do it. I do not know if this address still works but it worked in the past: LDMcomplaints@lists.lindenlab.com I am sure that no 3rd party company would want to lose Risk Api and presence on the Linden Lab list for a few Euros. Good luck!
  13. Even if your finances are 100 percent legal PayPal can get suspicious for its own reason and ask you for extra verification. It alsa happens if you exceed the limit on PayPal account. You are usually asked to send them a copy of ID document (passport, driving license etc) and copy of document veryfing your place of residence ( bill for your mobile, electricity etc). There is nothing to worry.. As soon as they receive these documents they release your funds and you can transfer them to your bank account. It has nothing to do with taxes as PayPal is not a tax office, but more with fraud money and money laundry.
  14. Zalóź konto na PayPal, zweryfikuj je swoja kartą, a na koniec podłącz je pod SL. PayPal'owi łatwiej przychodzi zweryfikowanie karty niż Linden Lab. "A nie da sie wyciagac przez virwox albo podex bez zwiekszenia limitow na lindex. Nie zablokuje mi jak bede chciala 'przelac' na ktorys z tych serwisow?" Nie bardzo rozumiem - co znaczy 'wyciągnąć". Jeżeli miałaś na myśli zamianę LS na relane pieniądze to możesz to śmiało robić przez dowolne serwisy, a nawet sama sprzedawać innym osobom. W żaden sposób nie wpłynie to na twoje limity na LindeX. I nikt ci nieczego nie zablokuje, o ile zdobyłas LS legalnie.
  15. I advice to change the method of buying ie - if you buy by web page try to do it inworld using SL client, if you are trying by client - check web page. Sometimes it helps when you first add money to your balance and than try to buy. If you have verified PayPal account - link it to your SL account and try to go this way. Good luck!
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