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  1. "As part of our continued efforts to "screw" Residents with new ways to "scam" even more money from them and let users actually FIND WTF they are Searching for in regards to products." Why didn't you just start the Blog like that because thats the truth of the matter. I really wish you people wouldn't piss down my leg and tell me its raining the BS is getting way too deep here. Instead of having a "milking every red cent" attitude towards your customers you should have had a "lets deliever what our customer base wants" attitude starting about 1 year ago. I don't feel sad for any of you who work there when the axe falls it will rightfully so, I couldn't work for a company who doesn't deliver a decent product and who is knowingly screwing over thousands of its users for the almighty buck to stay afloat because they made horrendous decisions to screw over the user base.
  2. As a Parent and a SL user of 5 years and having a full understanding of SL I must tell you day 1 of you letting anyone under 18 years of Age into Main Grid SL. I will be informing the proper Government Agencies. You are risking not only your whole Company but also Federal Law Enforcement and Consequences.
  3. Ah Well.... where to start? Basically..Jack is it? Well you've ah managed to ruin SL single handedly. Lets think about this.... Back in what....April/May you released the completely fubared GSA6 search and ever since then you have tweaked for the worse. Single handedly you have killed off what SL Economy there ever could have been and quite frankly while your sweating now hoping they dont back track the utter failure of SL to you so as you can get another job in a couple weeks when SL goes belly up. I'd like to thank you for displaying that there is no one more ignorant about business then you. Thank you for killing off thousands of peoples incomes and that of your co-workers, I'm sure most will be thanking you in a private way a couple weeks from now. As far as migrating "Teens" to the main grid...Have you lost your mind? Do you know just how Fast a Lawsuit will be slapped against LL the first time a mother sees her child walking in a sim and a Naked AV with a "Attachment" walks by. How incredibly stupid you'd have to be to let anyone under 18 into SL. Besides Ruining SL's Economy you have now set it up for the hugest Law suit ever not to mention the governments forcefully closing of SL.
  4. Multi threaded...maybe something to look into, I love SL Combat I really do. Maybe call it a Class 8 Sim and SL loose a few bucks but gains more customers. Would be a good trade off.
  5. Welcome to Second Life Kim! I'd like to take a moment and give some Good Advise. I'm a Gamer too there are actually some Combat Sims in SL they are a mix of Combat and Role Play most mainly push RP but they have Combat Meters for Health and Stamina etc etc.. Some of the Meters used are DCS, CCS those are big ones. The problem with combat in SL though instead of a massive user played game where the content is basically on the CD when you buy it, SL has user made content so.. Theres a bit of Lag involved with the Combat(actually a lot!). But at any rate the ability to have combat in SL is great in contrast to other games because of the user created content it takes the after combat scenario to a new level. Instead of respawning you lie gravely wounded on the ground and thats where the Role Play begins. Marketing and SL You could attract Gamer types IF Combat was enabled more. Meaning helped out by Linden Labs. The reason for most of the Lag in combat is because the SIMS run off a single CPU and most likely 8 Sims run off of 1 Server. So shared resource and not enough power to run the combat effectively is the problem. I would suggest to attract Gamers of Combat orientation is... To have a Special Program for the Combat Sim owners where as they could have a Server dedicated to what they are doing >> Combat. I know its a lot to ask, but Combat could be a huge marketing area for Second Life. Its currently not. Furthermore Marketing and Second Life, in the past there were people like M Linden the CEO many who thought well his ideas might work for Facebook or Twitter or Yahoo messenger they didn't quite work for Second Life. Now the reason they didnt IMO is because he didnt know the product very well. He just thought he could apply his past marketing experience to Second Life. Which turned out to be a waste of time effort and resources. To my point. Your job if I understand it correctly will be VERY Important. Word of Advise would be to get yourself in touch with the TRUE Second Life which from the naked eye is what M thought it was just some kind of Social Networking with Avatars. Nothing could be further from the truth. So that is why I suggest talking with the OLD Lindens as much as possible, the programmers the code junkies the ones who actually use SL in their off hours from LL. They will have a wealth of knowledge to pull from and may be able to give you some Landmarks to go see this or that in SL. Thank you and Welcome once more! Klint huet
  6. Nalates Urriah wrote: There are 5 people at LL working on changing search. If you want a good update on how SL is doing search and what your parcels search info looks like check out: Second Life Seach which is about an article written by Darrius Gothly. He goes into much more detail and has built a tool now on XStreetLS. He also provides some free tools and links to other free tools. One needs to avoid spamming. But, we have a thing called BOOST... Yeah I like this part: "Unfortunately, even with a good back and forth going on with Sea and the Search Dev Team, and with all the valuable input and analysis by the various residents involved in the process too, nailing down the problems with the GSA seems to be hitting a roadblock. I can tell from the tone of Sea’s emails that they are working diligently on the problems, but there are a lot of issues yet to be overcome and some of them are not making sense … to them or to me or to anyone else for that matter. The GSA just seems to be fighting every step of the way." They don't understand......Really? Is that right it only took 5 months to figure that out "we don't get it??!?!?!" If they dont get it then GET someone who does!
  7. Well if lets say you have a 32k parcel it wouldn't be a bad idea to slice it up to cover all your keywords. You could make maybe 4 parcels cover some keywords on each parcel. That way each parcel can focus more on the keywords its meant to represent. Make good landing points for each Parcel within your store. Because the Name/Description of each parcel has limitations this is a good idea to rank for all your keywords. Some of the adjustments the search team was playing with like a few weeks ago was that if you had Carpet and Carpets in the title that would give you a bad score. So you could spread all your keyword between 4 parcels one could focus on Carpet and another Carpets but in the descriptions of the objects and parcel its still a good idea to have both singular and plural versions of the word.
  8. A 2048 can rank just as high as a Sim. So in my observations no size doesnt matter that much. But Sims do get a keyword in text link from the Parcel so that factors in some cases. So a Sim named "XXXX XXXX Prefabs" the parcels might do a bit better then a sim named "XXX XXXXX" no keyword in sim name.
  9. You could make the name of the object the actual name of it. "Green Japanese Carpet" but don't spam the name The description is more "Spamable" at this point till they change things. You should have 2 descriptions and add to every object that you have for show in search. Also include those keywords in your parcel description and the big ones(most used to find you) in the parcel name. Description x2 1 - Ami's Oriental Carpets, Japanese Rugs, Mats Tatami, Oriental Flooring complete Floors and Carpet. 2 - Oriental Carpeting from Ami's, Rug and Floors Asian inspired, Tatami Oriental Matting from Ami's Carpets If you have in Name/Description of Parcel and in every object for show in search(50-60 objects should work) should show good for those keywords. Remember try to make things "Natural" natural writing less keyword stuffing(rugs rugs rugs). so if you have 60 objects 30 should have description #1 and 30 should have description #2 and alternate every other object. This way all aspects of the page have your keywords in it. Name/Description of Parcel top/middle/bottom of page. Good luck..
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