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  1. George Bernard Shaw makes sense...that's a name I know, but someone just tossing out the name "Shaw" could mean anyhing in SL. Could have been a reference to Colonel Robert Gould Shaw of the 54th Regiment Massachusets Volunteer Infantry or Shaw Delight of SL for all I knew.
  2. Who is Jamie? That was the whole point of brining her up...its SL not Mayberry, not everyone knows everybody else. If you have something productive to say, critisism or otherwise I'll be happy to reply to you but if you just want to rant and bitch that the sky is falling then have fun with that.
  3. No I don't know Shaw or "the famous typewriter sculptie"...should I? But Jamie tells me its a waste of time replying to you.
  4. I have no idea who Shaw is. I just don't understand why you're so freaked out about mesh since sculpted prims are a form of mesh and they didn't destroy SL.
  5. Profyky Neva wrote: I've yet to hear a simple answer to a simple question in the miles of hundreds of answers and repartees and barbed snarks here: can you or can you not edit and change another person's mesh? End of story. As you were told by Chosen Few and myself in a forum post yes you can edit a mesh. Like a sculpted prim you can't change its shape but you can apply your own textures and resize it. If the person selling the mesh would be willing to sell you a file, say.obj, that is a common format you can open that in almost any 3D app, then you can make any changes you want and re-
  6. Qie think of long hair that today is created from normal prims or sculpted prims with flexiprims to flow and move..the prims cut through the avatar body as it moves. A mesh hair can be weighted to several bones in the avatar skeleton so instead of cutting through the avatar body it moves with it...the flexiprims would be added to create the flowing movements.
  7. Nope, I don't want to tell you I spent $3500 (get it right) to be frustrated making sculpted prims...thats just a bonus. I spent my money because I loved the idea of creating meshes...it fascinated me and was involved in a 3D room based chat environment where I could push my skills and learn. I tried Blender (free) and Google Sketchup but neither could do all the things I wanted to accomplish. I love working in 3D but as I stated sculpted prims are frustrating because of their limitations. If that answer isn't good enough for you so be it...besides why and on what I spend my hard earned m
  8. You want to build with standard SL prims...by all means feel free to...there will always be a place for them in SL. Mesh is in no way going to replace prims. But by the same token don't sit there and scream bloody murder just because mesh is comming. Its just another way of building. Yes its different, you don't want to do it but some of us do. We are not sitting here lobbying LL to remove standard prims from SL nor would we ever. You will see things that will amaze you I promise you, things that use less resources than sculpted prims for some projects of the same size. You will see thin
  9. Sorry about tacking that on to you as a reply Dante...you obviously know it wasn't meant for you. Its just frustrating that Linden Lab does something good, something that will broaden SL's horizons and people are running around calling those of us who just want to create "communists" and "elitists" and screaming "its the end of SL!" I see endless possibility...they see doom and gloom. I've always been frustrated by the limitations of sculpted prims. To create a sculpty you often have to think like a contortionist and have way too many polygons or not enough without the means to manipulate
  10. UGH! I had a long reply to those who are worried the "elite" are taking over SL but it was eaten. Readers digest version people...you're clueless. Mesh ain't gonna destroy SL or spawn a communist overlord class of highly skilled game industry mesh creators flooding into SL bent of virtual world domination. The fact is its not worth it for the professional mesh creator to sell things on SL for 500 a pop...they get paid real money to do what they do. The simple fact is that amateur Blender users will likely outnumber those using programs that cost thousands of dollars and create works of equal
  11. Prokofy Neva wrote: Meanwhile, Second Life rolls back to the Middle Ages, to the era of medieval guilds, before the Iron Age, before the printing press, before the Enlightenment, becoming more and more complex, less and less available to people. Basically anyone who can create a sculpty with a program outside of SL can create a mesh...its the same thing with fewer limitations and restrictions...just a different import method. All you're afraid of essentially is sculpty makers having a new, better way of doing what they've been doing all along. A sculpted prim is a mesh with rigid rules
  12. ninjafoo Ng wrote: The advantage is you have a better understanding of what works and what doesn't. You have already done the trial and error learning how SL renders mesh and know some pitfalls to avoid. You have a perceived reduced time to market. While technically that may be true I have to say as a member of the beta test group its my experience that practically everyone I met during the closed beta was very helpful if there was a problem or question. What I foresee is those with the "leg up" will be helping people learn the ropes and get up to speed on what works and what doesn't.
  13. Florin Faxel wrote: Let's marry Kim What...like a SL group wedding?
  14. Kim Linden wrote: I am paying attention, and your comments are all very helpful. I hear you loud and clear on customer service, among other things. And please know I am not out to make this a "game". I, and my fellow colleagues, definitely have our work cut out for us. Thanks for all the great insights. I'm glad someone is listening...I've counted somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10 threads in the forums in the last two weeks asking about the lack of customer service / slow ticket response times. Me and others are waiting for a month or more just to have someone to even look at o
  15. Ok great, she can do marketing...but can she open a support ticket and assist the paying customers with some actual help? Anyway Kim...good luck, you're going to need it.
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