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  1. Wow, by the time the comment box loaded, Jennifur has already answered your question on scale. As for Zbrush, I've been converting the .obj files to .dae in Blender. However, there are other free programs that can convert, such as Mesh Lab, DazStudio and Wings 3D (not 100% positive on this one). I will note that I tried just converting my sculpt objects straight into .dae just to experiment on the Mesh SIMs. As I suspected, in most cases the sculpt resolutions were larger than they needed to be. So, I'll really need to rebuild them specifically to be low polygon and re-map them. My objects ar
  2. Sorry Jennifur just tired of people saying "everyobdy will just rip models from <insert website here> LOL" Like there is no one in SL with the talent to create their own meshes. No need to apologize to me...I totally get where you're coming from...that's why I thought it was cute that I could copy and paste your reply to me earlier. lol I have to say I'm getting a bit wearing of argument that its going to be mostly content downloaded from other sites. And yes as I said in an earlier post people will try...they may not succeed but they will try. Now as for me I believe this will
  3. And finally... someone suggested that when I build or rebuild my current Sculpty landscape pack OBJ files in Zbrush, I should make sure that I build it to scale as that is how it will rez. WHA?? So an SL builder cannot scale a Mesh in SL like they can with other prims? Will Meshes in SL be like the fixed size Megas? And regrarding megas... can we now create Mesh objects / prims in SL that are "mega" - ie. they can exceed 10x10x10m? I will just read any responses but I can no longer post here. This blog site is simply soooo lagged! Thank Q for the link to tech info. I will look there.
  4. Yeah because I'm sure no one who was using 3D Studio Max back in 1997 before SL was even thought of can make a 3D model themselves utilizing their own talent. *falls over in shock* Someone who gets it! OH EMM GEE
  5. You have to remember Masami I'm Blender illiterate. I clicked, File, Export, Collada 1.4 and I kept getting an error message with no idea how to correct it. "Cannot Find Folder" "Please set path in file colladaImport14.py" That may sound easy enough and I'm sure it probably is but I have no clue how to fix it. I'ma Max user...Blender though a great program confuses me to no end.
  6. If you're implying that the Lindens working on mesh read these posts and changed the prim cost based on that I can tell you that's not what happened. We were told flat out none of them have looked at this thread since it was posted because they've been too busy preparing for the public bets. The adjustment was just and change to how the mesh prim cost is calculated nothing more. I fail so how you can equate mesh with a copybot, that's a pretty big leap in my opinion solely intended to frighten people and turn them against mesh import. I'm assuming once again you're alluding to meshes downl
  7. As to the first question yes your avatar can interact with mesh...if its a rock you can walk over it. Here's my avatar standing in the cabin of the locomotive I'm working on...no standard prims were used as platforms to stand on...she is standing on the mesh. Ignore the aweful texture...it was a color scheme test. I wouldn't be too worried that people will have a huge head start on you...there will be a several month long public beta during which you can get familiar with the process of mesh. Its pretty easy really...the hardest part is creating the mesh and during the public beta if yo
  8. Its ok...you still don't get me either or seem to understand actual time and effort goes into mesh. Oh and I forgot to respond to one of your questions earlier. I had to be invited to the beta test on the recommendation of someone already in it...I have no idea who recommended me. I assume it was someone who saw me posting in the builders forum about sculpted prims.
  9. You don't get it...its not the upload costs people would be paying $1000 lindens for but rather my time and skills. I spent around six hours modeling and another eight unwrapping the UVW maps...which has to be done by hand. I haven't even begun to work on the textures but I'm estimating that will take another six to eight hours. $1000 isn't really that much in the grand scheme of things, that's about $3.70 US if you have to buy them. Unwrapping a UVW map on a complex mesh is tedious and time consuming if you want to make the mesh easy to texture. I really hate to say it but compared to u
  10. I knew I should have gotten a picture of my avatar standing in the cab looking out the window. Yes you can get inside.
  11. Very nice work. If you did not already you might consider seperating the wheels and drive links so they can be animated with scripts. Would look good cruising SLRR (assuming it is compatible wheel spacing wise, etc.) Thank you Ann. Honestly I never thought about selling it since I just make whatever I feel like in Max because its fun. But yeah it could easily be made with seperate components for animating...prolly the biggest thing to compatability is knowing the spacing of the rails. In response to Vivienne. 8 prims, so she might have done that. 10 lindens per prim (from what i have h
  12. Yeeees...interesting....hhhhhmmmmmm. Yes by golly its the closed mesh beta...ya got me partner! I've only said I was a beta tester like 6 times in this thread. Do you actually read what anyone else writes or just skim it for what you feel are key phrases that you post in your reply? If you look at the picture there's a clue as to how many prims...that would be the number....8. You did it Blue! You found the clue! No idea what it will cost to upload, as I said in other posts that's still being determined...a Linden at the mesh meeting yesterday said prices were still being worked out when
  13. how about a linkset exporter and it gets converted to a reasonable facsimile in an object format and you polish it up in blender and texture using whatever 3D texturing tool floats your boat? gives the in world lego fun and gets to a mesh approximation. Still won't be as good as knowing what you arew doing in a real modeling tool. but people are in SL for fun aren't they? I took the advice others earlier and got into the free program for autodesk since I qualified. After a few months of studies i should be able to do better than I can now stumbling through the blender interface without a can
  14. Usually I'm the last person to raise the spectre of competition, but if I have a choice between spending time building directly in a virtual world that supports it, or building in Blender for later upload to SL, where do you think I'm going to spend my time? Eh...I just spent the last six hours unwrapping the UVW map for a steam engine in 3DS Max...the whole time I was listening to the music on my sim, flipping back and forth between Max and SL to check on my shop periodically and for the first few hours I was talking to my best friend. I tell you what Qie if you're going to want inworld me
  15. Honestly Ann I don't think that's going to be as big an issue as people think it will be. Here's why I say that...a lot of those meshes are very high poly and a person who doesn't know how to work in a 3D app is not going to know how to break it apart into smaller parts so it will upload. On the off chance they do figure out how to break it into smaller parts the upload cost and prim cost will likely make them think twice about uploading and rezzing it. From what I've seen of free meshes on Turbosquid and other sites they typically don't look that good. Renderosity meshes tend to be high poly
  16. No. Just no. I mean, really: No fashionista is going to wear a crappy system avatar (soon to be labelled the "n00b avatar") and stand next to another fashionista wearing ten times as many vertices and a hundred times the skin resolution. Not a chance in hell. The existing skin and clothing assets are simply obsolete. The sooner skin and clothing creators absorb that fact, the less likely they'll be bulldozed into oblivion by Mesh. There's a huge opportunity here and somebody is going to take advantage of it. I guess on this point we'll just have to agree to disagree. My best friend i
  17. how trivial is it to convert the code that gens a sculptie to a mesh? I'm pretty sure in world sculpt tools will be rebranded as mesh tools overnight and then enhanced to add more capabilities. One of the big limitations of creating a mesh in SL would be a proper UVW map editor. No inworld sculpty tool that I know of can create a UVW map or bake textures like a 3D application can and to build those functions in would likely be extremely difficult. Mesh will rely heavily on UVW maps for texture creation if the mesh maker sells their meshes...otherwise you're no better off and realistically i
  18. Can any linden or tester comment on how lip-sync and/or emotes will work with avatar meshes? At this point no lip sync and emotes that change facial expressions will not work with a custom avatar mesh. Emotes that animate the avatar body sich as a wave will work. Facial exspessions are controlled by morph animations that are currently not supported in mesh import. If you aren't familiar with morph animations the easiest way to describe it is that a duplicate of the original mesh is created for each facial exspression, the vertices of the face are manilupated into a smile for example. This
  19. It's now quite clear that nothing of the sort was happening. And that brings me back to my much earlier post, the fourth in this thread: Just what the hell have they been doing for the past three months? Back around the time of the NDA leak, some Linden mentioned that all the secrecy was necessary because Mesh would have a very profound effect on the SL economy. That stuck in the back of my mind: Yeah, it's a big effect on the economy, but how does it help to keep the technical details secret all that time? Were they going to use that time to develop a differentiator from competitors?
  20. Prokofy and Vivienne you might like this video.
  21. I guess posts are like potato chips...the forum just can't eat one. I had a fairly long post but I don't feel like retyping it. The gist of it was this...overall the beta tester will be helpful getting people up to speed. There will be a public beta that will likely last a several months during which people already familiar with their programs can get comfortable with the process of importing for SL and finding out what works and what doesn't. People have time now to start learning free/low cost or expensive programs if they want to create meshes and the inworld 3d app groups will be helpfu
  22. I'll tell you who the fearful and snivelling ones are, those who can't conceive of a world of freedom where everyone is free to create at different levels with accessible tools, and instead, has to preserve a medieval bastion of guild craftsmen who hoard the remaining, dwindling supply of specialized knowledge to themselves on the cusp of the next tool revolution when the knowledge will become obsolete. THAT's what fear looks like. The real challenge is designing a world that doesn't merely replicate the past stages of the real world but creates something different. Evolution? Hardly. Refusa
  23. Those are some very real concerns about who can see meshes but I'm pretty sure mesh will be incorporated into third party viewers pretty quickly. I myself prefer the Phoneix viewer and only use the beta test version of viewer 2 on the testing grid and even then its a big frustration for me to work with it and I have no plans to use viewer 2 personally. As far as anyone wearing a rigged mesh avatar, most will be using the alpha layers to hide the avatar so if someone is on a viewer that doesn't support mesh they will see the prim parts and the little pyramids of the unrezzed mesh.
  24. I really think its well worth the time to learn to build as much as you can with standard prims Sage. There will always be a place for prims in SL and in a lot of cases they'll still be the dominant building method with a sprinkling of sculpted prims or mesh mixed in for extra detailing. If you rely solely on mesh or sculpted prims you won't be as effective as a builder compared to someone who can work with all three. With mesh as it currently is possible to texture a mesh in SL, and I see no reason LL would change this, you can apply textures to your mesh after you import it. You simply d
  25. For your information Viv 3DS Max is one of those big programs that professional users often learn specialized portions of. One person might create and rig the mesh then hand it off to the texturer who unwraps and textures it who hands it off to an animator and so on. The problem is you like to present yourself as an authority on a subject you know little about. Remember Viv, watching Toy Story does not make you an expert on 3D. As I said...I learned what I needed to learn for the things I wanted to do. As I need to learn new things I pull out my books, research online and start doing pract
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