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  1. Rubbish. I can make sculpts,prims, mesh. It´s not about learning. I dislike the way LL handles Mesh, and i HATE this damned arrogance they obviously like, but no one else but them likes. How can you dislike the way LL handles mesh when you havn't even seen yet? Its like a two year old complaining they hate some food they've never tried.
  2. Jennifer I must admit Im curious about that train youre building ...I didnt read the full post because theres just so much now...but how much did that complex looking bit of software with the various diagrams of the train cost... Have I interpreted proprely you imported a picture of a locomotive and then just copied the info into the software ? Or did you have to draw the picture of the train first ? Dont you need to know all the dimensions of your train or do you import the info you create on that software and then 'texture' prims with the details which you then stretch to size ??
  3. Oh Jennifur I suddenly realised do you have to be one of this select group to try ou making these meshes ?? Currently mesh is still in closed beta but I suspect that it will be going to open beta soon. Honestly my best guess is sometime in October the open beta will begin but don't quote that as accurate...I have no firm dates from any representative of LL.
  4. Thanks for the concise reply I expected from someone who started arguing instead, I imagine he simply couldnt comprehend my point of view like a few others... at least you understand where Im coming from... So if I wanted ago myself without paying cash what would you recommend do you have a link to the software...? Im beginning to think if the likes of some of the people here can manage to make these meshes it might not be so complex after all.... I've personally tried the apps listed below so I know a little about them. If you want to try free software the top of my list for an applic
  5. Choice of software to be used was left to the beta testers. To my knowledge none was recomended...it was basically BYOS - bring your own software. They needed to see what worked and what didn't...at least one beta tester I've talked to is using the workaround I mentioned in my previous post. His software doesn't support .dae export so he runs it through Blender before importing it to SL. Its those sorts of creative workarounds that allow the widest possible range of 3D apps to be used.
  6. whats going to happen whenLindens start a recommended list of third party mesh software are they going to reccomend expensive software free software arent they going to give any guidance I thought that allusion was simple... And if I want to build with more shapes which I do is the only alternative to learn how to use meshes... my argument is simple Lindens should be providing better in world building tools that everyone is going to have the ability t use.. assuming they were building inworld in the firsst place... Any 3D app capable of exporting a .dae file is fair game to use...that's abo
  7. Mael... Its clear from the cost and power of 3D software that Jennifur uses, and clearly her professional/technical depth of experience in mesh model development that she is in a completely different league of creator than 99% of the rest of SL creators an builders within SL. I bow my head to her for the skills she possesses and it not hard to see with her "commercial" classed talents, that she has done $ well for herself AND this emerging MESH within SL is like a golden goose for her in new opportunities. BUT, like I said, for like 99% of the rest of us builders within SL, we are no where
  8. None of the meshes on the Blender page are likely to ever come to SL even if the original creators were SL residents...the meshes are just too high poly for real time rendering. You want photorealistic meshes that's going to be way more polygons than a real time rendering engine like SL's can handle. Mesh size limits are currently going to be set at 64x64x64m...there's no promises from the Lindens but the 64m limit may also be applied to standard prims as well. If you're hoping for inworld mesh creations tools I wouldn't count on it if I were you.
  9. Give me a sec Im still gasping at the thought of paying 3500 to build............ is somebody going to show me something good done with cheap software...very cheap... no wonder theres no talk of Lindens providing in world mesh building tools !!!!! Practically everything on the link below was made in Blender, except for my meshes. Prolly 80-90% of the beta testers I've talked to use Blender...one I've talked to uses Wings 3D and another I've talked to uses Maya. Timmi Allen's Blender mesh/texture work are particularly good. http://www.flickr.com/groups/secondlife3dmesh/pool/
  10. Your reference looks more like a car lol (I know, its just a confusion, but its funny ). Im waiting for the open beta D: icant wait anymore!! how long they take to put it available for alls? Nice demostration Jennifur ^^ The reference is a car. lol I was using that an an example of hoe the reference planes should be set up. The public beta should be very soon...we haven't been given a date but its looking like its close.
  11. My tier is $195 a month for a mainland sim plus my annual membership of $72...my inworld shop pays for it.
  12. Yes $3500, 3DS Max isn't cheap, I bought almost four years ago that's why its not up to date. If you aren't familiar with 3D apps 3D Studio Max, Maya and Lightwave are the of the industry sandards for movie/television CGI as well as games and 3D movies. They're profesional software that comes with a hefty price tag. Both 3DS Max and Maya currently cost $3500 and are available from Autodesk. Lightwave is currenly selling for $1000. From what I understand Blender is gaining some ground in the gamming industry and for some indipendent films. The plans for the car came from a web site th
  13. Hey Maggie ^^. Here's a lil light reading for you. The Feted Inner Core (also known as the Fetid Inner Core) is a conspiracy theory that exists among certain players of the computer game Second Life. It argues that certain groups of players use their relationship with the staff of Linden Lab, the game providers, to obtain favours that advantage their in-game businesses at the disadvantage of others. Since businesses within Second Life can be run for real-world money - the game's currency, Linden dollars, has a maintained exchange rate with the US dollar - this is considered a significant
  14. I'm not at all assuming everyone would want a mesh avatar (which is funny to say because the SL avatar is mesh), I was just using it as an example. Rigged or simply attached avatar attachments should actually reduce ARC and lag because compared to a sculpted or prim avatar they are a lot lower polygon. The frames rates are very good Mondays mesh meeting had six mesh avatars at it and frame rates never took a hit and they were all moving around at the same time a few times. I didn't see one I'd refer to as a WoW avatar...they're all very creative and unique that I've seen. I understand your
  15. I've seen them on the beta grid, on the mesh sims. I've seen some pretty cool ones and they always have an avatar rendering cost far below the standard SL avatars.
  16. I have news for you lol. Mesh is going to increase complexity of worn attachments unless LL nerfs attachments resulting in lawsuits and worse. Ann mesh attachments should actually reduce overall rendering costs. I've seen entire mesh avatars reporting rendering costs under 50.
  17. "IMVU is part of the reason I bought 3DS Max" Oh really????? Didn´t Anshe want you? WOW. I'm still a content creator on IMVU for your information...I guess when all else fails slam the succesful people. Like it or not Anshe is a succesful business woman who has made her living from virtual worlds.
  18. Masami has no clue, anyway. if her attitude would be somehow serious, she´d be at IMVU for uploading meshes and sell them. But no, she will not, cause Anshe won´t let her upload whatever she wants to upload. Which might be a wise decision. Linden Lab never was known for wisdom. Really? Seriously Really? Anshe never once stopped me or anyone else from uploading a mesh to IMVU. IMVU is part of the reason I bought 3DS Max...I saw the things people were creating and wanted to make my own content. You're arguments really are grasping at straws. The rest of your post just amounts to a steaming
  19. Another downside is that one of the most wonderful things about SL is that anyone that wants to can learn to build because it's so easy with prims. I gradual conversion to mesh will separate content creators into two categories, those that can create with mesh and those that don't have the skills to. I don't know, to me this just seems unfair to those that have been creating with prims for years, they either have to redo everything they've ever built, trash it and start over or go to the back of the line to make way for a whole lot of new creators that will come in that have years of experie
  20. Aren't Mesh testers also using a special viewer? Yes.
  21. Jennifur should really vamp up her store as soon as mesh is up and replace the lion she bought from Pumpkin Trista, the Statue she bought from Amael Juran, the glass bottles she bought from Andy Enfield and all this ugly pre-mesh crap with her own 3Ds creations, as soon as possible. Yeah so I bought a lion and a statue...I do contribute the the SL economy by buying too, whats your point? You have a problem with sculpted prims too? I never bought and glass bottles from Andy...no idea what you are talking about. And if you have something to say to me please just say it to me.
  22. Yes, I do own a shop, a successful one with loyal customers because I do custom work for my customers to make minor changes they'd like or fitting skirts or shoes for them. I offered you a solution based on my experience not just being "pro mesh". I just pride myself on working with my customers rather than handing them a one size fits all solution. The simple fact is using your own example of the rock pack you have the option to make/include as many sizes as you choose to. LL could have just left mesh with the default size of 10x10x10 meters...I for one am glad they did not. And I'm sor
  23. I tried skiming through your replys and could not find this. I know you said mesh will not support blendshapes for the face.. but will it support custom jointsetups ? And if so can we upload animations for that unique joint setup. Rigged meshes are being done right now on the mesh sims. Lets say I create a pair of thigh high boots, I have to weight the vertices of the mesh to the avatar skeleton so the mesh would deform and move. Right now those boots would be made a minimum of three parts - foot, calf and thigh each part worn individually but with mesh it can be one piece. How the mes
  24. Well Jennifur, you just exposed the first major limitation of a MESH in SL. I am surprised that with all the CLOSED BETA testers LL recruited that no one brought this up. I guess LL didnt think of having any Landscape Sculpty Makers in the closed beta. The landscape sculpty packs I make as well as countless of my fellow competing landscape sculpty makers (i.e. makers of rocks, waterfalls rivers mountains hoodoos volcanos etc) must be scale adjustable by our customers... even in the prim dimensions beyond LL's long standing prim size limits of 10x10x10. In fact, this this more important for
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