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  1. The mesh maker skould have provided you with a UVW map so you can create your own textures without guesswork.  If its a full perm kit and didn't come with a UVW map maybe you can ask for it...its possible they simply forgot to include it.  If its properly UVW mapped at this point all you really need to do is use thw UVW map make your textures in Photoshop or Gimp, upload them and apply them to the mesh.   If the mesh maker included a .dae in the sale you can import that to Blender if you want to to test textures before uploading them...of course that also means you can upload the mesh showing you as the creator instead of the person who made it.

  2. Here's what I don't understand Nyx...since everything in SL is already mesh why can't all viewers already see mesh when its imported?   Why is special code in viewers needed to see mesh?  I mean prims are mesh, the avatar is mesh, sculpties are mesh, the very ground and sky are mesh.   I can do CTRL + Shift + R and see the mesh that makes up SL...so why are user imported meshes so different that they need special code?

  3. You have to select the item you want to edit from the list...pretty sure anyway, the last time I did it was on the beta grid on the mesh viewer since I'm forced to use a version viewer 2  there.  Once you finish editing save then look to the top left of the side bar appearance editor  for two arrows like this << that will get you out of edit mode.    I own a clothing shop and yeah the new appearance editor is confusing and I hate it.

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  4. To elaborate a bit on what Phoebe said...

    Stand where you want the landing point to be, right click the ground, select About Land and go to the Options tab. Now where it says Landing Point click the set button and your landing point is set to that position.  At this point you can set the Teleport Routing as well... from the Teleport Routing drop down box you can select Landing point or Anywhere, you can set it so people to be able to TP in only at your set landing point or anywhere on your parcel. 

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  5. You can get the older official Linden Lab viewer 1.23 here:


    At the bottom of the page you'll find the download for viewer 1.23.


    Third party viewers are on this list, there are others available but the Linden Lab Third Party Viewer list is generally accepted as a "safe" list.  Thats not to say that all viewers not on the list aren't safe to use.  Many of these viewers are based on 1.23 with additional features, some are based on viewer 2.



    As far as saving your inventory to your hard drive if you made it you can legally save it with some third party viewers, saving items you did not create can in many cases be a violation of the Linden Lab Terms of Service.   To organize your inventory easier I suggest you open a second inventory window (Crtl+Shift+I) and drag folders or items from one window to the other.  This method works in any viewer you may choose to use.

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