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  1. I tried it and hated it...who wants a choice of half screen window or full screen pixilated? Not me. I know its a beta but its dumbed down even more than Viewer 2...and I didn't think that was possible. PLEASE, PLEASE, never make this web viewer mandatory!
  2. Hi Kwakkelde, First of all uninstall OpenCollada...it doesn't seem to work with 3DS Max because it scrambles the texture mapping. I've brought this to the attention of Nyx Linden. Instead go here: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/item?siteID=123112&id=10775855 and install the official Autodesk FBX plugin for your version of Max...it works.
  3. Sorry for trying to help with your problem Vivienne...but its rather rude to spit in the face of someone trying to help you. I responded to you against my better judgment, a mistake I will not repeat. I should have confined my responce to Madeliefste.
  4. Actually Viv its more likely that there aren't that many Cinema 4D users. I don't know if Cinema 4D has a built in FBX/DAE exporter if if ya'll are using a plugin but it does look similar on a smaller scale to 3DS Max users who've tried the OpenCollada plugin for 3DS Max. I tried OpenCollada and got the mesh into SL fine but the textures were scrambled, I know of a few other Max users with similar results. If its a plugin you're using see if there's a different one you can install.
  5. Ann as long as your version of 3DS Max exports in the FBX/DAE format you can use it...I'm using Max 8 with the Autodesk FBX plugin since Max 8 didn't ship with an FBX exporter. Later versions ship with the plugin already installed including 2010 and 2011.
  6. Each mesh object can have 8 "faces" (specified with something like "material ID" in the modelling program), so that means 8 possible texture maps per mesh. I believe you're confusing faces and UVW mapping, a mesh can have up to eight UVW mapped textures...if a mesh has eight faces it would be an eight sided object.
  7. To a recent ticket citing a problem with viewer 2, after waiting 4 months for a reply the reply received was "have you tried viewer 2". To a problem with destination guide listings not working, I was asked "are you using viewer 2." Eventually, after confirming I use viewer 2, I was told put in another ticket. To my comment about waiting 3-4 months for the last ticket to be answered, I was told if they don't answer your ticket in 4-5 days put in another ticket. And now, for three days I can not even access my ticket history to determine if tickets are being addressed. Eh...I think they just sk
  8. Hmmmm...does this mean someone might actually look at my concierge level land ticket sometime by the end of this year? I filed a ticket seven weeks ago and its still marked "new", I'd kind of like to reclaim the three parcels of land I had set for sale in mid August...my group that owns it was deleted.
  9. Of course with human avatars the skin would have to be part of any clothing since meshes like all other attatchments currently don't support layers like the SL base avatar does. I see it as being a great thing for non human avatars but those who try to do them as human replacements are soon going to realize their limitations. Even something as simple as seperating the arms in the UVW map breaks all clothing...that is IF you could wear clothing with your mesh once its imported.
  10. I havn't heard anything definite from the Lindens how long the open beta will be.
  11. 7. CONTENT LICENSES AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS 7.2 You grant certain Content licenses to Linden Lab by submitting your Content to the Service. You agree that by uploading, publishing, or submitting any Content to or through the Servers, Websites, or other areas of the Service, you hereby automatically grant Linden Lab a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicenseable, and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the Content solely for the purposes of providing and promoting the Service. You understand that thi
  12. Checking out the Flickr link... @Timmi Allen ZOMFG you meshed that farrari? *faints* that is seriously badass. Just to clarify - not that I know the first thing (yet) about mesh - will there be an actual editor built in, or is all this to-do just over the new ability to import stuff from outside SL? Yeah Timmi is pretty bad ass...wait till you see his work on the beta grid. That's not to discount what the rest of us have done at all...you will see things that will amaze you when the beta goes public. ^^ Currently no there is no built in mesh editor in the beta viewer beyond what's cur
  13. Ashasekayi Ra They told us Monday that they finished the code for bone offsets. That will allow you to move the joints of the skeleton around so that you can make avatars with different structures. Actually a couple of the guys were playing around with bone offsets yesterday with some cool results. Its not perfect yet but they were having fun. It was really cute when one was six inches tall and typing 90 miles an hour. lol There's still some bugs to be worked out like tiny avatars float at around waist height and bigger than normal avatars get somewhat pushed into the ground. But the gu
  14. Nah I didn't think you were being contentious at all. As far as for your organic target models yeah you're going to want to upload your own physical shape for those I would think. Just keep it to the bare minimum polys/verts and you should be fine I would think.
  15. I haven't personally played with scripting any meshes yet but I have seen scripted doors, a merry-go-round and a car. A few days ago one of the Lindens who deals with programming physics was zipping all over the mesh sims in a mesh car and crashed into my train while I was talking to Dante and zoomed off. I got the sense he was crashing into things to test the physics reaction either that or really sucks at driving. I see no reasons vehicle scripts shouldn't work, if they require a specific orientation I'd guess you may need to drop the scripts into a prim that would be your root prim of the
  16. I'd say you summed it up pretty well...we just posted about the same time. Basically all the decomposition tool does is create a physics shape from your model that is just the basic shape of your model. It doesn't preserve any detail...its kind of like wrapping it in a sheet of plastic. With a physics shape you upload of course you have more control on how your model can be interacted with.
  17. Funny you should ask about physical shapes. lol I've been fighting with a physical shape importer bug that has decided to rotate my physics shape 90 degrees to the left and pointing it down. Gotta love a new viewer. The physics shape can be a simple shape you upload or you can load your model into the physics shape and use the decomposition tool to simplify it into a physics shape. Of course you have more control over your physics shape if you create it yourself rather than using the decomposition tool to simplify your model. Making a model phantom is also an option. The picture below
  18. Actually I'm not a professional...I learned Max on my own with the help of the built in tutorials, web tutorials and my well worn copy of the 3DS Max 8 Bible. And don't for a minute discount what you can do with Sketchup...I've seen an entire city for IMVU made in Sketchup and I bought it because it was that good. Right now I'm doing animations in Max for another project by the guy who made that city and I know his latest project will be just as good as the one I bought. It is relatively easy for me because I've been working in Max for very close to four years now but it was very hard at fi
  19. "... The same people who cannot make an email notification stop properly are the ones you want to program in a full 3D modeling tool into the viewer? .." Let's not be confusing a defective blogging platform with intellect. OK? You are insulting people and it is this very uber geeky defective personality disorder that turns people off so they leave SL. Ann I believe Daniel was referring to Linden Lab not being able to stop the email notifications because of the comment you quoted. Let me edit it a bit to what I believe he meant: The same people who cannot make an email notification s
  20. Nitpick all you want Vivienne but the point I was making, and I know you got, was that Linden Lab is working to improve basic things like border crossings. Just because you can't always see the progress doesn't mean its not happening. As always you like to choose one or two sentences and take them out of context to twist them to your own agenda.
  21. Despite Jennifur's intriguing arguments the revelation that quality software costs up to 3500 was staggering... Actually...quality software is as easily accessible as Blender, which is free and I never argued that quality software costs thousands of dollars. Frankly if anything I've been arguing the case of legal free software. Once again its every bit as powerful as 3DS Max...I'm not sure how many times I have to say it. And as I said in an earlier post I got Max for IMVU because it was at the time the only program that could do it all..that has changed because of the creativity and a
  22. I've tried SketchUp before and it seems pretty basic...I want to, in the end, make things similar to the avatars and clothes and such that are currently on Renderosity. But, I don't have any idea how long it might take to get to that level of skill (anyone know?) I meant people who will be in SL to help people learn and continue learning mesh creation on an ongoing basis but thank you for your post and for your IM offer. Avatars and clothing are really advanced skills, vertex weighting or rigging a mesh as its also known (so that the mesh moves properly with the skeleton) is probably more
  23. As a content creator for IMVU you won't get very far unless you have a license for 3ds Max. That's the only building tool they officially support. While its true Max is the only fully officially supported 3D app for IMVU, Google Sketchup has semi official support in an IMVU supplied Cal3D converter, a user developed Sketchup converter has pretty much replaced the official one though. Blender 2.45 though not officially supported is widely used and is now capable to do most thing 3DS Max can for IMVU since it can export in the proper IMVU Cal3D formats. IMVU uses its own version of the Cal3D
  24. There are groups that cover just about any 3D program you can use, for example if you plan to use Blender search groups for Blender and you should find plenty. Mesh Dev is a group for mesh creators. I find video tutorials are really good for how I learn...its almost like having a tutor who can walk you through the steps and repeat the parts you need to go over again. As far as mesh making being mathematical I find it very visual actually..its almost like drawing to me.
  25. What sort of 'content creators ' were invited to test the beta anyway ? Inexperienced users who've never made a sculptie ? Actually yes...some of the beta testers have no prior use of 3D software. The beta testers range from those new to 3D mesh creation to those with years of experience. The idea was to include a range of people so it could be tested with a users of various skill levels.
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