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  1. What's strange is they recently updated there sales hub. I'm assuming that was to give away free all the clothes. My hope was that they where getting ready for the upgrade. Apparently not. Hoping for the best here. Perhaps someone with the ambition and business savvy will take it over. I like their system even with the flaws. The skin textures are some of the best. Yea the HUD is a pain to use but you get used to it. I would simplify the HUD and make it smaller. I think there where too many hands in the pot and the originators lost interest and went on to there own.
  2. Theresa, thank you for clarifying that. Would that effect the use of the hud as well?
  3. Alwin, I know TMP is not Linden Labs. Forgive my forum virginity but this is the first time I have ever been on a SL forum so yea, this is all new to me. I'm as pissed as the rest of you about their customer service or lack of. I came here looking for answers. I had communicated with other vendors and all I ever got was it wasn't profitable for them. Nothing was eluded to what I'm finding here. Just to be clear. I had no idea how the vendor thing works. I had no idea creators had there own servers. Why would I need to know that? I come to SL to play the game and have fun. Not here to get wrapped up in the politics or *****ty vendors. I just want to work what I paid for. Ultimately, Lindin labs makes the money and makes the rules. As someone that came here for the wonder of SL and spent my money, I would think they would at least have some backup for the vendors selling there goods on their own servers. So what will Linden Labs do? Doing nothing is just as bad business IMO as TMP.
  4. Hey I'm just a customer and player here. Just saying, If I can't continue to use my existing AV, mesh and all the clothes and accessories. I'm not starting over again. With the huge investment that I put in to this. I'm not doing it again. I just want it to work. Period. I've been in communication with TMP over the last few years about updates, Bento and many other empty promises. I bet 99 percent of TMP customers did not know that they or any other vendor here uses other servers. First I learned of this. I come to Sl to get away and relax from the RW. Took me a lot of Lindens and time to get my AV just right. Finding out that Linden Labs does not run everything through there servers is a shock to me. As I'm sure it will be to everyone who will lose there AV.
  5. Guess there was an assumption that everything created was stored on Linden Labs servers. I've been here a long time and this is the first I heard of this. I love my TMP skin and mesh. I felt it was one of the best detailed and realistic skins in SL. Perhaps I never realized that my "Investment" may be rendered useless at some point.
  6. I am furious over this. I can't think of the hundreds of real dollars spent on clothing and other items and now they will be useless? SL if your listening. I'm done if this happens. The least SL can do is back up the files on there servers so that I can continue to use the files.
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