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  1. What ever happened to at least posting these on the Concierge Channel as a notice. I thought we'd gotten down on our knees and begged for that and it was agreed to?
  2. Welcome to Linden Labs Rod, I hope that you'll set some quick priorities, starting with quality control on the software, and getting control of the software library. In the fast-moving environment of gaming, companies such as Linden Labs really don't have the staff or time to keep redoing things multiple times to get them right. Too often we see old problems re-introduced in new releases. A well-controlled software library with standardized sub-routines would solve a lot of small, consistant and annoying problems. The SL Marketplace is a prime example of not using standardized sub-routines. I also hope you'll do something about the Atlas Program. It appears only about half of the large estate (land) owners in Second Life are currently members (approximately 40 are members of Atlas, and another 30-40 are qualified but unable to get into the program. We're left competing on a very unlevel playing field. Large estate owners provide a significant portion of your revenue stream. Atlas-level estates like ours are paying in excess of $150,000 usd a year in tier to Linden Labs. A ballpark figure would be about 5-6 Million USD a year in revenue from those of us locked out of the Atlas Program simply because the Linden Lab staff doesn't have the time to include us. As large estate owners, we're providing a level of service to our residents that includes customer support for a myriad of problems, most of which have nothing to do with land. Essentially we're your unpaid customer service triage group. The services we provide reduces the load on Linden Lab's Customer Service & Support Group. Third, I hope you'll consider reinstating the special rates for non-profit and more importantly, educational groups. Second Life has the potential of becoming a central player in distance learning and on-line educational endeavors. As a retired college professor, this is near and dear to my heart. From a business standpoint, it should be important to Linden Labs, as it opens the door to thousands of potential long-term residents. My partner and I are very pleased to see you come on board. We feel your background is exactly what Linden Labs needs. Sincerely, Milano Ferrentino
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