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  1. I never use to have issues with SL and rarely crashed. Now I freeze and then crash all the time. About 5 minutes after logging in. The little lag meter on top right shows "client" as red all the time and network and other green. I have tons of memory and my connection is super fast. Don't know what to do, its annoying !! Any tips?
  2. I have played SL for 4 years. The past 8 months have been terrible. When I log on, SL crashed within minutes. Sometimes seconds. I have un-installed the viewer and re-installed it. Tried different views and 3rd party viewers. I have updated my graphics driver and haven't made any changes on pc since all this started. I have emptied my viewer cache, I have tried everything. Sometimes it crashes just the game, many times my whole pc crashes. Everything else, games included work fine. Its only SL that does not work anymore. I have heard there is a texture bug that tries to load so many textures t
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