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    WeeWillie Wylie wrote:

    In the end though.This is all related to your system and what loads best on your system. For me that's SL2.5.1..For others it's Phoenix or Kirstens or even dolphin. All anyone really wants is to get in world and enjoy what makes sl fun for them.


    Agreed that experiences vary and depend on system capabilities. My experience with SL2.5 (or any 2.x) is the opposite of yours. I have a laptop that has a weaker video card. The rest of the system is decent, but with the integrated Radeon Mobiilty graphics I get a significantly lower frame rate with SL2.x. With Phoenix I usually get somewhere in the range of 8-12fps. SL2.x is noticably slower with frame rates in the 6-10 range. None of it is great but Phoenix is 'usable' whereas SL2.x is just too sluggish.


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