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  1. Looks like emeral is trying to install its bridge object. Are you rezzing into a region where you cannot drop objects? If you have Emerald's bridge turned on but the bridge is not installed then Emerald will drop a copy and take it in to your Inventory. Relog into a region where you know you can drop objects and then let Emerald do its thing. Once it has the bridge installed those messages should disappear. However, it may be that in-world is screwed again. I have an alt who saw those messages for a week until the in-world connectivy issues were solved.
  2. Soozie.Nirpaw wrote: I have know of men pretending to be RL women here..and having relationships...one I know really hurt another woman..by pretending to be a female and having a lesbian relationship with her..in voice too..disguised..so she really thought it was a woman she was talking to... This is the only kind of abuse that I can think of ... but it is bad..very bad. That might be considered unethical or immoral but is it abuse according to the terms of the TOS? I don't think do.
  3. Samson.McLeod wrote: Unless they're wearing white past labour day or something. One must remember to confirm that they aren't from south of the equator before filing this particular grievance. Or indeed that they aren't on the 95% of the globe that isn't called USA. But the wearing of white socks by a male (whether in SL or especially in RL) is always an abuse (of taste if not the TOS).
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