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  1. Quite often a sim has some background history information that will help you to orientate yourself to the environment and think of a character that might 'fit' that environment. Take a look at things like intra-sim groups and factions. If you look at the group you will get some information about how active it is. Additionally, many of the sims have an out of character (OOC) titler, or guest titler, which shows people you're just visiting. It's a good idea to wander round, get a feel for the place, hang around and observe the ongoing public roleplay while wearing one of these tags. Jump in with your character whenever you feel ready. "Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt, I'm looking for work, do you know anyone who's hiring?" kind of approach often works. Some players may para rp, so you may not get a reply for a few minutes. If in doubt, IM and if they don't respond, shame on them for not taking themselves out of play oocly. Also ensure that you give the other players something to respond to. If you sit in the corner of a bar and only emote your thoughts or observations, you're unlikely to get a response. Only the occasional character would have the skill to read your character's mind enough to be able to respond. Your character needs to DO and SAY something for others to be affected by your presence. Finally, (before I go on forever), see if the sim has any orientation events/classes/mentors etc that'll help you get acquainted. Have fun!
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