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  1. Hi, i am a premiummember. I sold my mainland 1024 that was free After that i got the houseboat for premiums. So i did not have 2 plots at the same time, than sl charged me for 7 dollar plus vat .I think this isnt fair. Can you explain me how this happened and what will happen next month? KR Anna May
  2. Lindal your right, i am a premium number. they charged me for 2048 22 linden incl. vat. i saw in land use fee that it should be 7 l, and it said save changes. i did that after they collected 22 l. now its just 7l. I thought they would have done that automatically, but it seems you have to do it yourself? I had a bot more land just half a day.
  3. How come SL does not automatically add the right fee for the land when your premium and has 1048 extra.
  4. Hi, This is stupid. SL changed it without telling us. I did not know what it was about and wondered why i needed to pay. I did not pay in the past. But this forum helped me. Thanks for that. Anna May
  5. Anna May, Click the link below to reset your password. https://secondlife.com/my/account/verify.php?r=c0e75af581c643a5a3b9faa69a57058b&lang=en If clicking does not work, you can copy and paste the link into your Web browser. Once you have gone to the link, we will give instructions for resetting your password. Linden Lab and the Second Life TeamLinden Lab and the Second Life Team (Your IP Address: Your IP Address: Is this fake?
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