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  1. TNT - Tania Naughty Team - Support Dancers I'm hiring dancers male and female who support me while I host events at the club House of V in the following days and times. Monday 4-6 PM SLT Wednesday 4-6 PM SLT Sunday 2-4 PM SLT Requisites: good looking avatar A fixed salary will be paid at the end of event If you are interested please IM in world Tania Arcana for more informations
  2. Hello everyone. I am the owner and builder of a new Club. The name is "Bacchanal" and is a Escort/Dancer Club. We offer 90% of tips and we require: - Female avatars older 1 month; - Good English and good emoting skill - Not n00b looking - Staff need to advertise themselves using one of our adboard. - Adboard start at 50 L$ week. If interested IM Tania Arcana and i send you the application notecard. Thank you :matte-motes-smile:
  3. Hello, just follow this link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarantella/166/30/22 and when you are on the sim take the notecard for application from the sign near the landing point. Fill up and send to Tania Arcana. Smiles
  4. Hello (IM Tania Arcana if interested) We are hiring dancers - is required: cute avatar minimum one month old, experience in the role play (emote) ability on dancing (appreciated chimera hud and own dancing animations) . Should give attention for all the newcomers, greets all, give informations, invite to group and talk to all. So not camping! For all Is required too: loyalty, perseverance, friendship and a minimum of two hours at work any day. Are allowed two free days any week, or more if concordate. The hourly wage is L$50 at start. Is also provided for 80% of tips received. The first week
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