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  1. Hi I have been a DJ in SL for 9 years now and yes it still happens even to me, but I have been with the same clubs for quite some time now and make jokes out of when that happens. You will find what is comfortable to you when this happens just be patient and don't get frustrated. Remember if you aren't having fun doing it than don't do it. Making fun of those things lets the others know you're aware of it and working it out. Feel free to look me up in world any time.
  2. Greetings all and thank you for the input. Yes there are allot of dragons in each of the boxes. I tried to take both out at different intervals and left thembut they are aways returned to my inventory without actually rezzing. thye do disappear out of my inventory for about 10 seconds but then reappear back in it at the top of the list in most recent objects folder. I do believe it is because of the length of time. no there is not any linden plants and yes there is plenty of prims to take them out. Does anyone know how I would contact the lindens about this?
  3. I was given a couple items and can not rez them. Each time I try this is the message I get "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region". The previous owner also recieved same message. She had them out on a parecel was about to lose the parcel so she picked everything up together (yes the rubix cube) it looks like each of them have 2000 or better prims in them. I know what they are they are Bregon dragons andf things that go with them. I tried to take them out on my sim with over 3000 prims available and still recieved same message. I was going to report this to LL and see if could get resolved but there is no heading under contact support to properly report it. Any help with that or rectifying this problem would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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