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  1. I have seen every name you guys are mentioning. Sadly Rin Tae is correct on all accounts about those specific sims. They are more prestige objects, personal creation boxes then that they are meant for RP. there is no community no real understanding how to get a sim populated or to put the effort in. That is why everyone of those sims is on the list of : "Useless sims" in my notepad of sims likely to be vibrant and where you can have an "experience" and not wander around in a desolate sim. SL has become trivial for me because these kind of sims or actually MOST sims are empty carcasses.
  2. I agree with you solstyse however the main reason for it is Sim cost. the prices and upkeep are just to high for the general public to jump in unless you have a model of playing even or making profit. A shared load with a few others is a nice idea but then you have to compromise with the others ideas which ultimatly leads to fractures and projects falling apart like so many other projects. If i had the cash on hand to just randomly buy and maintain a sim sure i would do it in a heartbeat. it is just not that black and white tho. That is the main reason why alot of it has simply not been created, because the cost and upkeep dont outweigh the benefit/gain. i guess it's sort of a stalemate which is a shame because i see so many crappy sims or lovely projects but the traffic and population is just not there because the owners restrict it to their wishes, which is logical because they pay for it. henceforth alot/almost all will slowly wither away or become just fancy shopping sims that try to proclaim things that they really are not just to get more shopholders in/rent off shops.
  3. Please never suggest that place ever again. it is crap, meant for people who love tentacle horror sex. read my topic again and think again. yes i seen that sim years ago, did not like it then and not now.
  4. So after searching for a while and not stumbling upon any decent quality sims i am beginning to wonder if there even are any general sci-fi related sims of decent quality. Replies with sims towards one thing like star wars or star trek need not reply, it has to be general. My ideal would be a clutch of sims together that simulate a small area of a galaxy or something where people create make their own stories but without star trek or star wars. mass effect 2 style that would be brutally awesome good but i think chances are zero to none that something will ever get close to that :(
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