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  1. I went to a sim called "Here" which is pretty much a blank sim with a different terrain texture. FPS is averaging at 20. I just reset the settings in my NVIDIA control panel and also did some tweaks in there to up the FPS a little with no change.
  2. So I logged into SL yesterday after being off of it for about a month. I noticed that my client is extremely laggy! Just having on my last outfit is making me lag. Taking it off fixes that but only slightly. I haven't done or changed anything in the last month! I did some testing and found out that my graphics settings only effect fps by 1-5 frames. I can go from low to ultra without a change in the now normal 10-20 frames. Any suggestions on what it might be? I'm on Firestorm 5.0.1 and have reinstalled it and cleared all caches. CPU is being utilized normally and so is my GPU. I should als
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