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  1. yes, that was it. It was just almost compleatly off screen, and i only found it by pure accident. Thank you for your attention.
  2. I  have just downloaded the new version of sl.  (yes. yes...stupid i know.  long story)  Unfortunatly, for some reason my camera interface controls do not appear on the screen anymore.  i have reloaded, i have gone back to the previous version, and the first place i checked was the view menu.  (Camera controls is checked.)    Does anyone have any thoughts to something else I can try?  I am a premium member, but cant seem to get thru to online support help.  I had filled out a ticket,  i am just not hearing anything back.  I Understand there are other ways to manipulate the camera, and  while i appreciate any input, due to i problem  with my vision, it is very difficult for me to use them.
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