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  1. There is nothing you can mess up if you make a copy of it before adjusting. It's nothing more than a clothing layer (physic-suit) that you wear. If you work only on a copy (or select "save as") then you can always use the original if you messed up. And otherwise... just tell me and I will give you a copy of mine when I get back from work (that will still be a lot of hours though and you might find more satisfaction on doing it yourself).
  2. I had it too first. It solved for me when I increased the mass in the enhanced physics-tab. It makes sense too. If you don't have mass then it would fly all over the place
  3. Because many creators are paranoid :matte-motes-angry: Sure.. there are things you don't need to adjust. But when it comes to clothing then it's almost always: no mod = no sale for me because resizing never does it. I need more control because my avi has very likely not the same proportions as the creator's avi. The argument that it looks bad if I adjust something myself is not valid: If I wear a skirt that goes half through my hips or if I can only resize it, it has a huge gap at the front or back then it looks like sh!t too. If I can adjust it myself, it will without exception look better than when I resize it only. So creators who make clothing without mod-rights... just say: "I'm paranoid and I don't want you as customer, please go to someone that is less paranoid than me and buy what you want there". I do so anyway.
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