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  1. https://gyazo.com/c218cc0d2aadfa515d24cc5a1cb0a718 Even a well-trained bond needs a little break now and then. The trick is to find a place to hide...
  2. Check the Gorean Campus. They have lists of events all the time.
  3. Just the lashes pretty much because the skin came without them
  4. I love Curio, though I'm not sure if the problems with someone copying her skins and then accusing her of being the infringer have been resolved as yet. She has lovely skins with amazing attention to detail and when you buy a particular makeup set ypou get ALL the makeups in every color with or w/o freckles. Thats like 96 skins for 3k..best steal on the grid as far as skins are concerned.
  5. I have become a Curio fanatic and with their most recent releases you not only get light and dark options for each makeup (which is usually 6 or 8 for each set), there's also a freckled and non-freckled version. The last few that have been released (on the one wall with the newest releases) you get all skin tones in all options. I've lost count how many skins that actually is for the same you'd pay for one or two makeup options in a lot of companies.
  6. I dont see pictures that are embedded in the body of messages and i dont know why!!
  7. Unless the skin is modable your only option to play with makeup would be to use a 2.xx viewer that allows you to layer tattoos to get the look that you want. Ive seen lots of nice and relatively inexpensive lipstick, eyeshadow sets on the market though not sure if they work with every skin/shape. If you bought a skin package that has a naked/pure option with little or no makeup that would be the best base. Then you can add the options you want until you get a look that you like.
  8. found this on the marketplace. This is the demo version so you can try it before you actually have to buy. Hope it helps. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Enigma-Hair-Fu-Manchu-goatee-DEMO/1854293
  9. I've been in SL for 4 (or 5) years now, I forget and back then i was one of very few avis that was under 6 feet tall. At about 5'3" on the rulers of the day I very seldom caught flack for my height but this was long before people started seeing pedofiles under every rock. There was one time I got kicked out for having what was perceived as a child avi, I just left and never gave them my business from that time on. (Which was their loss, I tend to be a shopaholic, especially in stores that have things i love) Over time my avi has had 18 shape changes, and her current height is about 5'6, which
  10. Skins are not normally sold in boxes. If it is just the skin syumbol you should be able to simply wear it. They dont allow to drop because of copying concerns. That said, it may be that the land owner of that parcel doesnt allow you to drop boxes because of clutter. In that case, go to an area that doesnt have the no boxes symbol at the top.
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