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  1. I followed these instructions however on the second command lin; sudo apt-get install i386 lib32gcc1 I get the message unsable to locate package i386 The previous command line appeared to work ok, though I am not a expert on Linux,,,,,, I installed Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit and have not been able to get Second Life to function as yet. so I was installing per the commands you listed the 32 bit libraries.
  2. Hello - I followed the above instructions. I have Second Life installed into the PROGRAMS folder however unable to get it to run. Any ideas?
  3. I have also been experiencing packet loss recently and I live in the Dallas, Texas area. I have done tracert's in my command prompt window which usually show 0.0% percent packet loss however today I did one to yahoo and it showed a 25% packet loss C:\WINDOWS\system32>ping www.yahoo.com Pinging ds-any-fp3-real.wa1.b.yahoo.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=365ms TTL=49 Reply from bytes=32 time=618ms TTL=49 Reply from bytes=32 time=792ms TTL=49 Request timed out. Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 3, Lost = 1 (25% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 365ms, Maximum = 792ms, Average = 591ms However today I did the same test through my command prompt window and it shows 0.0% to any place I have pinged yet when I login to the SL viewer I am still showing packet loss in the viewer with the basic default settings. Thats not changing the cache, bandwith, or anything from default the viewer comes with downloaded. I removed every viewer from my system and ran scans, registry cleaners, malware scans, defragged, rebooted the modem, (again). the viewer continues to show packet loss even though my download speeds are in excess of 20 Mbps and my upload generally better than 2.0 Mbps. I am running windows 8 pro and I did not have this issue until recently I think maybe in the last 2 weeks. It causes me to crash on teleports, it messes up SL voice (skype voice is ok usually), it causes problems with dressing the avatar, and you can forget sailing, flying or anything where you need a smooth steady stream of data flowing. doesnt seem to matter WHICH sim in SL I am on - unless I am just lucky enough to choose all the same channels of servers but I kind of doubt that. Teleports are frequently causing complete disconnects and logouts - I have done complete and total uninstalls of all viewers. Deleted all the folders in the appdata that had a viewer name on it, cleared the trash, ran Advanced System Care Pro to clean the system and still this continues. I too have filed tech reports / request with SL, and my ISP TIme Warner cable / RR Time Warner is sending out a technician today, to check on a few things 1. if the modem needs to be replaced 2. if the outside wire has a problem and 3. they said its a possiblity the internet service in my area has not been properly distributed and that could be causing packet loss - so someone today is supposed to show up some time before 9 pm CST. MAYBE they can find a solution. Regards.
  4. I have filed a ticket on problems on our homestead Fourier - The particles of a fireplace in a Brennan home do not function correctly. The water spray of the water fountain on the home barely is visible anymore. Same house I rezzed on a sandbox sim Aldora works normally at that location. Also noted that anything that uses particles - Fire, Water spray, BDSM furniture to rez chains, and poofers or other environmental items are failing to function normally and restarting the sim from the estate manager console does not help the issue. I filed a ticket on this 2 days ago via the help desk support - no reply thus far. Question - when will this be fixed. Also I have noticed if you near the sim edge in any vehicle like a boat or hangglider you can get sucked into basically a whirlpool like spin which you are unable to come out of with the vehicle and have to abandon the vehicle to gain control of your avatar again. Something in the recent changes is causing several issues - which basically set users ability on vehicles and particles rezzer to malfunction or not work at all.
  5. Really - I wonder who thought this change up and why they messed with it when it worked just fine before (?)
  6. So you have to drop the texture into the contents of the object first ? ohh what a mess.
  7. Perhaps someone has some knowledge of whats going on but I have noticed that if I create a prim - and try to apply a sculpt map (no transfer) it will not apply to the prim - I get a red circle with the slash symblo (no symbol) and the same goes for any no transfer textures. IN addition the Viewer 3 gives me a message I can not VIEW any no copy or no transfer texture I own in my inventory. WHAT IS up with that ? So now all the sculpt maps I purchased that are no transfer are useless ? And any no transfer textures are also useless? WHY? It appears I have been defrauded of even personal use - after paying for these items. Can someone tell me whats going on. If this is a bug, if a fix is in the works or have we actually had our use of our inventory stolen from us ?
  8. I have ran the second life viewer and also other third party viewers from Linux Ubuntu and now linux Mint. However the way I found to do it is a bit 'different'. I downloaded the file, opened it with the archive manager into my downloads directory. Then I right clicked the file and extracted into its own folder inside the download directory. Then I looked inside the folder and I found the file named 'secondlife' I then right clicked it and chose to 'run' the file. To make it easier in the future (since it doesnt automatically install into the software menu this way) I also right clicked the file and chose to make a shortcut, then I right clicked the shortcut and sent it to my desktop. So now I just click the shortcut on my desktop to run the Second Life viewer. I did this with Ubuntu Linux versions 10 - 12 and also today I installed Mint Linux 13 (Mate desktop) and it worked on Mint Linux also. I have successful operated both the Second Life Viewer and Phoenix Firestorm viewer today from Mint Linux, I have several different third party viewers setup on the Ubuntu machine that work very well this way. Typically in a third party viewer the file you will want to 'run' will be named the name of the viewer such as 'Firestorm'.
  9. yeah - I checked the account and the email address and its all correct. I get some stuff but I dont get any personal instant messages forwarded. Seems only group notices make it through
  10. I have ran into a LOT of "just turned 18 " and new avatars recently at certain role play / game sims. Some only a few days old. So, if you hang out in highly advertized areas or areas that appeal you 'kids' you wind up running into a lot younger age avatars as a rule. Some of the more established places that are harder to find, or are known by word of mouth - you find older avatars generally.
  11. Hi, I have set my account in both the viewer and on the web site to forward any messages I receive while online to my email. However it is NOT working and every time I log on I get a message that my messages have been capped. I did not see any way to report a malfunction of this type through the help / support form. I would appreciate if Linden support staff could look into this since there's no way to contact about this type of issue - through the normal channels available on a basic account. Thanks, Lynna
  12. thank you, I didnt know / think of that. filing for future reference.
  13. Thank you, logged in with SL viewer and found the script info button you mentioned and this method IS working. Appreciate it.
  14. Yes I saw the blog about it
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