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  1. Hi :) I create manipulated photos only of my avatar (and not landscapes) with different clothing/accessories that i bought. All are fantasy themed, i use stocks that allow me to sell my creations. I was wondering if i can sell my photos on the marketplace and IW but i really don't know what would be the right category, in this case. Ty :)
  2. Huds don't work correctly on my Avatar and SL doesn't save my outftis since a week. I use the last version of Firestorm. I have setted it correctly and i also made a clean install. I can't use my GM hud, my Maitreya body Hud and my AO 'cos they don't work. If i try to click on them they do not recognise my mouse, which works perfectly outside SL. Thanks
  3. Hi.. even in my second account which had the distribution of all my products hasn't received around 3000L$ between the 26th of june and the 6 of July.. I've reported a file jira but nothing has happened.. I'm also italian so i have some problems to understand what i have to do..
  4. i have some problems with ANS... What is? What i have to do? ... Don't link me pages please, i'm italian so be patiente.. So.. it says " notification url.." what i have to put to it???.... help..
  5. hi.. i'm very fed up to try to use merchant outbox without success. I have tried to logged out and loggin to sl marketplace ( using the iw browser) but nothing. Merchant outbox don't say " oh i'm loading..wait a moment"... no. When i open it, it say to put folders in it, not to wait, and when i click on " send to marketplace" it doesn't work. It doesn't say that there is( maybe) a problem, it looks at you and nothing. The circle appears for two seconds and after that disappeared. No messages, NOTHING... -.- Please help me, it seems it wont recognize my store or something li
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