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  1. So your not hiring males... I'm to assume this maid will be wearing one of those sexy french maid outfits? hehe such funnies!!
  2. Looking for a script set where I can have a master board in SL with pics and LM giver, and give copies of the adboard out that will update when I update the master. This would mainly be an events board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Without a means to port over current in-world content, I don't see a new virtual world from LL running along side Second Life for very long. I smell fail if this isn't addressed.
  4. 7 1/2 years and at 18k. I've had 21k before, but trying to keep it under 20k now. A good chunk of it is textures when I was actively building.
  5. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: It is impossible to really say what the tallest building is, or the biggest, or smallest etc.. You'd have to visit every sim and measure all the tall ones. But you can't do that as many sims are private and you can't get there. Even if you could, the tallest right now might change by tomorrow because people are always building new things. You can build up to 4096m Thus, I shall make a building 4096m high
  6. LOL just had it happen to me. It scared the crap out of me haha! I think Firestorm viewer has option to turn it off in preferences. Not sure how it's done in official viewer.
  7. Good suggestion, and I checked, but not there.
  8. I had an item on the wall of my last home (which I now believe I accidentally deleted with the house) which was a wall text of What A Wonderful World lyrics. Now that I'm looking for it, I can't find it anywhere! Anyone have a clue? I've looked on Marketplace, and did a lot of tp'ing around in-world, but nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Ok. Thank you very much for the replies. I'll try the flickr thing too.
  10. How long does this take typically? I've had a few only take a minute, but now have 2 stuck in processing for over 24 hours. Are they lost?
  11. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wait wha?? more free crap from LL??
  12. Do they say, "So long, and thanks for all the fish"? If so, something is up....
  13. I also want to mention : screw messing with deeded land and needing tags to rez objects or deeding radios and not being able to move them. What a pain in the ass.
  14. Keep renting skyboxes if you are happy with it. I mostly live on ground level, and have a little skybox I play with and decorate. Some land is sold for first week or month's rent, and no cost is involved in the land itself. Others you are paying for a community feel and covenent and special terraformed parcels, instead of a square block of sand or grass. Just depends on if you want to live on the ground or not.
  15. iCade wrote: Issues with prepaid and gift cards A common cause of payment method failure is the use of unsupported card types. At this time, the majority of prepaid cards are not compatible with our system, even if they bear the VISA/AMEX/Mastercard logo. This includes cards purchased at retail stores, rechargeable credit cards, and bank-issued check cards. If they were supported, it would be a great way to manage money spent in SL. It would also be a safer way to have limited funds at any given time in case of account compromise, instead of having it connected to a bank account.
  16. Seems weekends are the hardest days for asset server probs.
  17. With some prepaid cards you have to log into a website to set it to be allowed to be used online. This protects people that do not want to shop online, and their card info has been stolen.
  18. lulz find a folder in Inventory/Library/Clothing/ and drag it onto yourself.
  19. Like a Bay City Area that is non-commercial?
  20. Marigold Devin wrote: Kylyssa wrote: Thanks, I never thought about them maybe causing lag. I guess I'll probably end up having to keep them at my daughter's land. Always nice to have RL family inworld. She offered before, but I kind of liked coming home to them. Oh well, I don't want to make problems for others so will probably move them. I appreciate everyone who answered. I find that everytime I am not sure what to do, someone has the answer on here. Its a place for mutual back scratching. We all learn from each other. Second Life changes constantly too, so there is always something new to learn. I used to have a zombie shooting range, which I put as high up in the sky as I could (back then we could only build up to 752m, now, apart from on Linden Homes sims, we can build up to 4096m high in the sky). I thought it would be out of harms way up there, but my zombies sometimes slipped through the walls of my skybox and tumbled down onto the homes of my neighbours, and they were none too pleased (although some thought it was quite funny). I hope your kitties settle in at your daughter's land. And I missed out on the zombie invasion?? As annoying as that might be to some, I'd love to have found a zombie in my yard lol
  21. Incoherendt Randt wrote: If you post the information you can get from your viewer's Help -> About you might find an answer to this. Firestorm is not a specially fast viewer, there is probably some incompatibility if any other viewers go much slower than that for you. I don't get it...... Anyways.. still no answer from anyone.
  22. I would love to know that as well. I had to swap to Firestorm because I was getting freezing and very low FPS. Then the crashes started to become too much. With Firestorm I get 10 to 15 more FPS. I can't begin to mention the other cool features I've come to love This does not mean I don't crash, but that is due to my 3 year old video card that I'm pushing too hard sometimes But even turning down many graphics options with the official viewer I could not get it to stop crashing me. As much as I love Firestorm, I don't like the idea of it being a project from a non profit org. So LL, how do volunteer coders do it better than your paid ones?
  23. They are not bad, they are simply limited and laggy. I have one, and it's incredible looking.
  24. Dillon Levenque wrote: The whole 'used/unused' thing does not make a lot of sense in SL, as has already been pointed out. Taking the time to put them in a sellable fashion and placing them in a store inworld or on the MP will probably not reward you for the time spent. Giving them away might, though. In my house when we have clothes/stuff we know we won't wear or use but that is still perfectly good (even new, sometimes: presents, etc) they go to Goodwill, a US charity that gets a lot of its funding from reselling items that have been donated. I don't know of anything like that in SL but I do know that many people find newcomers needing things and donate them. The Forum Cartel Hangout has a ton of stuff like that; I'm sure there are other places you could give them to. The first person I met and actually really got to know when I started here—Joanna, my first mentor—kept giving me stuff. It was embarassing! I finally had to ask her to stop giving me so much stuff. Of course at the time I didn't know anything at all about copy/trans, plus it was probably inventory she never planned to use. New people always appreciate getting new clothes or other things. If and when I am ready to bail or find myself with more unwanted stuff than I can handle, I'll probably hunt down a place that provides things for new residents, give them all my stuff, and let them sort it out. But if you think you might enjoy taking a mentor route, you could emulate Joanna. SL can always use more like her. A thrift shop in SL would be fantastic lol Getting enough things donated for turnaround would probably be the big showstopper there.
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