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  1. The information above has been put up very nicely. @gensaku Yes, if someone helps out in-world and lays out a few foundation it would be more encouraging. But I'm sure you came to know about a lot of inworld complexities. I wanted to learn to stream my music but more then creating a playlist its more about making mixes and playing music that appeals to the crowd. The clubs that attract a good amount of tip enough to get you profit and pay for your shoutcast subscription needs very specific requirements. Personally, I go to this EDM club where you could request a song you like. And the Dj actually takes up requests from the local chats. You would want to go there again if your hopes are met. But dont let that discourage you from giving the new experience a try. Go out there start from scratch make friends and play for them in small clubs. Build a strong circle and run your own fan group eventually. Might take months to years. Its a commitment of a lot of time and work So make sure you are able to invest the time trust and money to build a carrier.
  2. Haha. @Alwin Alcott bro...Nothing better then understand from your own mistakes right. For maturity to surface. "Smart" people learn from mistakes and "Wise" people learn from others mistake
  3. Oh I agree with Ella. But well no one understand your position better then you. Do what makes you feel happy. But will going back make you stay happy in the long run? Is it okay to go through the same experience in RL? If you think its just a virtual game and maybe you can let it slide. But its more then that, the loneliness made the man fall for another women to satisfy his urges. the idea of being able to go and get laid in SL is so easy. As per the information provided by you it seems a good idea to move on. But its entirely upon how you feel 3 years is a very long time. What went wrong? Was it lack of communication? What made him do this? Is it his fault in totality? Ask yourself a few questions like these and try to have an open communication if you plan on getting back.
  4. Have fun Exploring! You need to go see live music, go sailing, ride a whale, play golf, be a vampire, have a family, shopping you could do everyday lol. but people you would meet doing something in SL would be more productive and more genuine then players on the lookout for easy time.
  5. Even women can really mess up guys. Just from a personal experience I've met people in SL who i know .. Got married in RL. Depends on what you are seeking here. And how important it is to you. So yes. You sure can find the right person. I've moved on to find people who are really good friends rather then girlfriends. I believe if you search enough you would meet all type of people some real, some fake. some are pretentious and some play. I remember my first day in SL i found the virtual world myself and thought i could start a new life from scratch be who i really want to be. Meet new people and make awesome friends. But even SL is not very far from RL . Your character nature and attitude and the values that you are born with make you like or unlike people. Some people will CLICK together very fast, some pretend to click. Those who stick together at the end of all the hardships are the only one you can count upon. So don't lose hope. You would find that right one. It takes time. So build thick walls around your heart and only let the right one in.
  6. I've noticed that "most" guys looking for relationships may not be very faithful. You can meet some of the very best guy friends for sure. Those who can live with an Open relationship in SL might be much more happier then having to be bound to a single person. Very few have the guts and courage to pull through a devoted relationship. As for me, I've really been away from SL relationships. Cuz things might end up traumatic and no matter how much you deny it. That affects your RL as well. But if you are looking for someone to talk to.. Text me anytime
  7. Thank You @Alwin Alcott. Very helpful and backed with facts. If the machinima is not a prominent person who is clearly recognizable as it says above. Anyone is free to use and work on snapshots. The information came very handy. I hope other noobs will also benefit from this information.
  8. Thank you for the quick reply! I was hesitant on working and expanding my interests in photography. Its good to know you can freely take pictures and compose the frame to liking.
  9. Hello Amazing People, So I've started my Flickr very recently, I love to walk around Second life and take snapshots of people who look really inspiring to me. Compare it to a journalist walking around with his camera in public. But i understand that the virtual world is a web of copyrights So the question is, Can we upload the pictures of people's Avatar from SL in Flickr without consent? Obviously taking the picture, post processing and mastering the image into a form of Art if my work. I would like to know if this falls under the copyright claims. OR if there a licence like creative commons which could be utilized for uploading the pictures without inviting claims. Thank you in advance for looking into my query .
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