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  1. Have you actually used paypal? I travel a lot hence I have had 2 different paypal accounts, One made in Canada and verified with a  20 dollar debit card  the other made in Germany and verified with my bank account (No Credit Or debit card needed)

    Seems like most stuff you mentioned are speculations. "IF" "IF" paypal gets hacked then  this or that, Well Skrill or any other company you might use could be hacked as well, Where are you getting this "Most" people don't use paypal in Europe? I lived in Europe for several years and always used paypal and still do, So do most people I know. Im sorry but as someone else already said, I call your statements baloney.


    TLDR: You do not need a credit card to be verified in Europe and use paypal.


  2. There is a difference between selling Mesh items from other games in SL without owning the full IP rights then Straight up Scamming people with empty boxes. Not saying that I agree with it, Im very much against both these cases. I've had people steal my work before forcing me to file several DMCA's. The main issue would be with the punishment LL does. The only thing they do is Remove the item. 


    In my opinion the punishment for such things should be much more severe, Obviously requiring PIOF to sell on the marketplace would not 100% prevent scammers. But think about it this way, Person is required PIOF or RL ID, Person scams, He gets Banned from SL, Now he can't use that same PIOF or ID on an alt account to sell again and repeat the process. It at least makes it a little more difficult for them.

  3. I agree Skins should always have a Demo.

    Linden should just Make it so only people with Payment Info on File (or RL ID) are allowed to sell on the marketplace. No Scammer would actually give their RL information. But before doing that, perhaps actually Ban these people instead of simply removing the item, And refund the users. It seems like there is really no consequenses to these Fake Merchants.

  4. I don't 100% agree with the No Demo, No buy as the best protection, there is several other ways to know if the seller is legit. After all not all items require a demo. 


    Bad Signs:  Empty Profile, Full Perm Items with no TOS. Brand new account.

    Good Signs: Payment Info on File, Profile of the seller has pic, info, groups and Picks, Has a Blog or Website, Inworld Store. Store Policy, Store Profile, Detailed or longer then 1 sentence Description on the Item. 

    The list can go on, There is no 100% guarantee, Common sense always helps.




  5. If the boots allow you to mod, you can rez them on the floor and right click Edit, Edit Linked, then select the invisible prim and click Unlink, Then delete it, For the alpha layer it depends on how big or small the boots are usually an alpha layer that only makes your feet invisible should work fine. Just try the ones you have from other boots or shoes.

  6. I completelly agree Mesh is over rated, Customers have asked me if im going to update my caps to be Mesh to which i reply there really is no reason to do so, Certain objects such as pants, shirts etc, are definetly worth doing in mesh though.

    Little of topic but ive noticed people making Rigged  Mesh items, such as a Watch or something attached to the lower part of a leg, Which makes no sense to me, Why make an item Rigged and prety much just remove the ability to resize such item if it doesn't really need to be "Rigged" (it will never move with the actual skeleton or need to be bended)

  7. I believe it greatly depends on what the person is selling, There is items that  might require more customer support then others.

    A while back i took a break from SL for about 3 months, Every single day as a bare minimum 1 item sold, But i only received 2 notecards in this period of time, One of which was asking for me to create custom content and another was a person who wanted me to promote my items on his Sim.

    Now im activelly online at least once a day to check notecards, but it's a rarety to find someone with a issue, and when it does happen it's usually the common newby questions or issues like, not having made a copy of the item prior to editing it, not knowing they have to open the box to obtain the items etc.


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