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  1. When i try to request process credit i get this message: "You have exceeded your tier level's monthly payout limit."

    I know what this mean,my question is,is anyway to increase trading limit?

    I'm on basic account,perhaps when i upgrade to premium?

    Thank you

  2. We are fast growing club,at the moment we need Dj's other staff welcome too...dancers,escorts....


    Dj's requirements

    -Must be 18 years old in RL (Age Verified by Linden Labs)
    -Language:We do not require English to be your first language,but we would like you to speak and type fluently
    -NO AFK(if you found to be afk on stage BANNED NON NEGOTIABLE)
    -NO ADVERTISING(sending LM,invitation... for other places)
    -OWN STREM(need to provide jan Oxidor Stream URL, before performance)


    You keep 100% of tip

    If you are interested please contact jan Oxidor(owner) or Snake Gopheller(manager) for further information.


    We are fast growing club,hope you'll be next in our team:)



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