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  1. Hello, Faye. I am sorry to hear that you are going thru this. I guess you can't really rush your heart to mend. I kinda realized, you just get used to the pain. hugss...
  2. Thanks Diasonia! I guess it's just a slow process for me. All these time I have been fighting myself to move on. Until yesterday, me and my ex hang out talked like the good friends we were before we became a couple. Then he wanted to take me back to the club where we met. All of me screamed NO, but he said to trust him. So i did. We saw common friends, i havent seen in months. We danced like before. And then he told me things I thought I'd never hear him say again. He said he loves me. Even planned on getting us a place. And I believed him, again. Only to find out today, that he is partnered t
  3. Thank you sooo much for your post Meldina, and I'm so glad to hear about your story. I guess it's all about realizing it's really over and accepting that it is. Stupid me is still trying to get over the how-did-it-end-so-soon stage. sighs.. hugsss<3
  4. Sounds great Ceka!! I'm free Thursdays and Fridays!!
  5. Jamie, I am so sorry to hear that. 5 years is a lifetime in sl. You might want to read back through the posts, we got friends who shared their two cents on this. hugss... I hope we will be able to move on soon.
  6. lol, will do Ceka. I am certainly not so good at this. I'v always played it safe until recently. i guess I should always have a back up plan huh?
  7. Getting my girl friends together is definitely something I have to do. I usually just keep to myself when I'm like this. Thank you !!
  8. Thanks for the suggestion Descarado, I will surely keep it in mind. I have never been good at pretending and taking revenge. But I do like the idea of aiming to be better. It's just that, you know, when you break your walls down for someone, it's hard to build them back up again. hugs...
  9. I thought if I can inflict as much pain by living through the memories, I'd one day get numb and just won't care anymore.
  10. Oh Squashy, I am sorry you are going through the same. This is something I'd to hate to see someone else go through. Yes that's what happened to me too. He decided it's over, yet still wants to be friends. He sometimes says things I so have been wanting to hear, but the bottomline is we're over.
  11. The irony of it Ceka is that part of me was glad to know he was still wearing our wedding ring until i removed mine, while the rest of me hurts at the very thought.
  12. I am trying Randall, I guess it helps a lot to stop pushing myself to get over it and move on you know? I usually just keep to myself specially when I'm down, but I'm glad I started this thread and got the chance to hear from you all. Thank you!
  13. Thanks Randall, I will definitely work on that
  14. Thank you Eileen, I will surely keep that in mind. In case I suddenly I get angry, currently I don't even have the strength. smiles.
  15. aaawwww... I'm so happy for you Tracy Good to hear that some things here in SL still work out. Not that I was looking, I was happy with how things were, until I thought things could get better even, again my mistake.
  16. Thank you Ceka, I did delete things he gave me. That was the first thing I did. Then he asked me why I was no longer wearing my wedding ring when he was still wearing ours. I felt I was being mean. But thanks for sharing, now I know I just wasnt being mean when I did that. hugss...
  17. Thanks Jeanne, much appreciated. That's what get's to me as well. Cause I knew better, then I thought maybe I was wrong. Only to find out I wasn't. So come to think of it, it's all my fault.
  18. Oh it helps me a lot to know these things Nalates, thank you so much!! It's good to know what I'm going through. hugsss...
  19. :matte-motes-grin: Thanks Madelaine, nice to know I'm not the only one. Sounds selfish sorry.
  20. Thanks Wynn :matte-motes-bashful: I am trying, it just kills me to see how good he is doing while I'm still trying to move on.
  21. I noticed that some people can recover from a heartbreak faster than others. Some gets shattered , while others just take it so casually. And I can't help but wonder... is there a trick on how one can move on fast??? Let me know what I'm missing :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  22. That might have been the case for me too. My hubby sent me gifts I got an email saying that I had to login to accept the items but when I logged in, there was no prompt to accept or discard
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