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  1. Ty Cinn, that's actually what I saw suggested on another blog post and I just tried it and got it to work. I was able to switch my av afterwards back to how she was. Dang LL and their bugs, I swear.
  2. Praxis this post helped me a lot. I was just able to get my av back.
  3. I figured out how to fix it from replies on another blog post.
  4. Ever sense the grid maintence yesterday I have been a cloud or can't get my avatar to finish loading. I have tried rebaking, I have tried different viewers, I have tried reseting my internet multiple times, I have tried clearing my cache. I have logged into alts and they load fine but this avatar for whatever reason just won't load completely. I can't edit appearence cause I am not fully loaded and I don't have a router between my net and my computer. Anyone have any suggestions that can help me figure this out and get me not to be a cloud or still loading?
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