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  1. Thank you Tari! Great advice. I will look for these sims. As an aside, why cant I get he quotes to insert here?
  2. No, Alwin. I said the exact opposite. A pc standalone will work, like Tari said. There are many people that need these so I know they exist I am just not sure how to approach it.
  3. Hi! I recently got a dog bite that has taken my hand temporarily out of commission and made typing a real trial. I use google voice on my mobile apps to translate speech to text - is there a PC program I can use for this? Again I need it for my Windows 7 PC - NOT mobile devices!! I use Firestorm. Help?
  4. Why are merchants allowed to list a FALSE cheap price for land (L$1, L$40) so that they come up first in searches, then list the ACTUAL price in the name of the listing? This is fraud and makes shopping disproportionately difficult. Why is it permitted?
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