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  1. I am a 13+ yr premium SL resident and have finally availed myself of a lovely new Linden home in Bellesseria after giving up my old 1st gen one. It is in the sim Longbridge and I love it. the problem is I have noticed I am encountering considerable lag which has never been an issue for me as I've always kept my computer's capabilities tuned to optimum for running SL. But I'm getting fps rates of only 4-10 here and I don't seem to have this problem anywhere else. Is there some problem with the mechanics of this sim? Can this be looked into?? Thanks, Geryn Sloane in SL
  2. Oh my how things do change! We don't get older here, we just get better!!!
  3. Oh Harper, congrats on being one of the selected ones. Hope to check out this event on Monday. And thanks for the help in how to make a cool badge
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