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  1. Thanks so very much again! It was the cabinet and it was in the store! I'm very grateful for your help!
  2. Ohhh Thank you so very much!!! I will go look
  3. Here ya go Tex... We can also add a bit of vodka to those lemons...
  4. Thanks Marigold !! Some people are just bitter! *oh well* Perhaps ohhnoes prefers pics with Parrots in them......
  5. OOOOOOOOOO Very niceeeeee! It makes you feel like your a part of the picture )
  6. My Photo was one of 3 that were mysterioulsy removed from this contest.. I was in first place at the time.. and yes I am very bummed...and No I wasnt given any notice nor explanation .... The other 2 that were removed were in 2nd and 3rd place...Here is my pic in question.... I would like to know why it was removed...
  7. New Silks from Carries Lingerie called "Fire Angel"
  8. You look lovely even when gardening Val....
  9. Thank you Val! You always look so elegant )
  10. Thank You Neal )
  11. 3 pics.. Gown from Utopia, Lingerie from Carries Lingerie, and Bikini from Argus Eyed Clothing -->>>Here<<<-- -->>>Here<<<-- -->>>Here<<<--
  12. My Daisy Dukes look....
  13. Beautiful Dresses Ladies....
  14. I really hope I win for my performance in Lillie's kitchen.... Maddy said I was inline for it....