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  1. Hello, i surch Sculpter, please contact me and send me please a message to me, thanks
  2. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Demo-Mesh-Head-Aki-Version-2-Updated/6731809 When you this like:) Greetings Hillie Dyrssen
  3. Surch Designer they Templates unwapped..please contact me, thank you Hillie Dyrssen
  4. Surch Designer they Templtes unwapped.please contact me:) I hope this is the right Forum Thank you Hillie Dyrssen
  5. Hi Kolbi, thank you for repley. I surch they the Mesh Heads rigged that they looks good on the neck and so..and many more, fitted Mesh Shape . When i have the time 48 houres for me than i can this all make, but i have this not..... Thank you Hillie
  6. Hello , I need Supports work. they are looking for someone experienced help for mesh heads . Do they have very good eyperience About Mesh.At have at the moment I have too many labor and do all that can not Alone everything. Please contact me in Second Life , they send me an IM or a Notcard . Thank You. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Greetings Hillie
  7. Trank You Rose for your repley But i surch for my Mesh Creation Cloth Designer Greetings Hillie
  8. Hello, i surch Clothes Designer for a Kid Mesh Avatar, please contact Hillie Dyrssen Thank you Hillie Dyrssen
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