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  1. OMG OMG, I love that half moon made from log slices! May I ask where it's from? TY
  2. ok figured it out, a piece of groundcover was overlapping the tiny bit of parcel where one of my rent boxes was buried under a hill lol *facepalms*
  3. OK I know I'm digging this up from a graveyard, but I'm having this issue now too, and it's driving me nuts! all parcels in this vicinity are owned by me and not set to any group, so no tag should affect it (if I'm thinking correctly?) *scratches head* Any suggestions?
  4. I went for a shabby chic look in my Grand View cabin. (and blocked off that back room with paneling)
  5. I named my cabin 'Cottonwood Hollow' from a song I love
  6. I found the seam for the joining of the Cabins & Victorians @ Waterbury!
  7. I found mine on the MP from ChiMia https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ChiMia-Franklin-Fireplace/9171630 (I know it's just brick behind the metal fireplace but thought I'd link it just in case)
  8. omg yes, it was interesting to say the least, lol
  9. tysm! I love making my homes cozy so I had fun when the house wasn't spinning, jumping, and doubling around me ; D
  10. But I got the furniture all out, yayyy. And yes, I blocked off one room so I only had to decorate 3, lol. I'm a prim hog, so I knew I wouldn't be happy with 4 on this LI budget if I went for 4 ; D
  11. OK, I'm loving seeing everyone's pics! I was looking around my neighborhood and saw someone had changed their floor texture to one of their own - how on earth do I do this? I tried finding a tutorial but I can't seem to find anything. Thanks!
  12. So...is search on the MP just a lost cause now? *Bangs head on desk*
  13. Has anyone received their 1099 yet? Mine still hasn't arrived...
  14. Anyone else get their 1099 yet? They made me fill out tax forms in 2014, so I'm assuming I'm getting one, but so far it's not here yet. I can't file taxes till the stupid thing gets here : \
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