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  1. Maybe it could be possible to make my own GLSL in the objects folder and make the high shine the info for the water. Could this be possible so instead when high shine is ticked on an object it would give the water reflection rather than i high shine.?
  2. This is what i was thinking aswell the only reason they would not release this . is cause it could be used as a weapon . which is a shame as us race ppl would love it and not abuse it
  3. Ok all IM at the point where I am desperately searching for a way to make rearview mirrors in our race vehicles. We have water in sl and it makes great reflections and maybe IM bringing this to the wrong place as this is directed at linden labs. Why don't they give us this water texture in our inventory library so we can make rear view mirrors possible. So far we have scripted RPM and speedometers water temps and all gauges working and would love to see these neat things like left and right turning steering wheels and that in a first person view. And it can be done but yet we can't see behind
  4. i have been thinking the same thing why can they not give us the water texture would be enough for rear view mirrors of vehicles.
  5. ll volume detect is unstable and we can grab ppl driving a car by right clicking them hmmm strange that problem used to be solved . but now we are back to what the phisics were like over a year ago . and worse ll volume detect is used in alot of things and when its unstable it probally effecting half of secondlife
  6. hell llvolume detect is now unstable and why are we allowed to stop other ppl objects again that are phiysical but right clicking them
  7. LL volume detect is screwed it is not totally broke but is very unstable making all race gates or anything of such nature using a phantom prim to sense somthing by using volume detect will have a small glitch randomly that makes it non phantom for a slight second ruining all oval racing in secondlife
  8. well another fine mess we are now in with vehicles not working well on the new terrain read this it explains the whole issue and why its happening and why we probally wont ever find a fix. say good bye to off road driving in secondlife https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-8117
  9. Well i would like to remind you all of the ticket i posted on the jira less than a month ago and the problems that this has cause for vehicles and all the other phisical items in secondlife. due to the 3d ground which i have just tested on the updated server the sculpt cars will grab the faces and resulting in a rubberband movement of vehicles only way to stop thois is to use zero boyancy . yes that a no weight car which means cars will be no more hover crafts however will get vert popular. oh wait this gets better the mesh cars will sink into the ground like quick sand from now on . this is
  10. ok i have reported a jira on the bug i have found i hope it helps if i can give you any more info just let me know ty for your support this is the svc number SVC-8048
  11. i also sent a car to meastro so hopefully it will help with getting it solved
  12. OMG the new magnum servers have killed cars cars are bouncing and gripping ground with so much friction they get stuck in the ground this is not good please do not go any further than magnum servers with this infaact just undo the code that was done cause my god the phisics in scripted objects has gone a lil pooppy. please please fix it. i like driving in sl and it what our sim is built around . dont kill things.
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