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  1. 7 minutes ago, ananoelle said:

    no just gachas are going... you can still resell what you have though.

    The gacha resell market will die because there will be no influx.

    The way it works is the new shiny things attract customers. Gacha machines attract customers to items, and then they go to resellers to find the exact item they want and hope to find it at a decent price.

    Now you have none of that. you just have  Word of mouth? Random find on MP when you are looking for something?

    thats IF someone has correctly labelled it rather than just "gacha Sale"

    Anyone who believes this will result in no loss for gacha resellers, and will result in a "bigger better" economy.

    Are naive to the supreme

    Its one reason why cigarettes are still sold despite knowing they kill people.

    No country can afford the loss tot he economy


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  2. Just now, BeatriceSongbird said:

    From the linden blog post

    What is targeted here is the gacha mechanism of selling, (ie, the gacha machines), not the items themselves. So, yes you can still resell your gacha items, creators can also take apart their items from the gachas, and put them in regular vendors.

    Personally as a customer, I'm delighted that the gacha economy finally comes to an end. It contributed to create an artificial scarcity, inlating prices on MP for some items (you could find a same gacha item anywhere between 50 and 5000 L on the mp, depending on the reseller), and it was annoying not to be able to get the item you wanted, either through random luck of by paying HUGE amounts of $L by endlessly flipping the one arm bandits).

    I'm sorry for the organizers of all gacha events, and owners of all gacha malls, and specific gacha resellers, this will force them to reconsider their source of revenue, and it's a blow for them, but i sincerely believe that in the long run, curing gambling addiction,  and cleaning up the economy is better for the customers.

    So Gacha's gone. all that revenue is now gone. Events that were based on these, gone.

    Reseller market. Gone.

    all this does is help kill an already dying economy

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  3. 1 minute ago, Saskeeya said:

    Personally, from a consumer's point of view I like the idea of stopping gachas. As for content creators as well as people craving unique items - I get that this might be bad news. But suggestion: what about designing limited edition items that are transferable, so the buyers might be able to resell at their own price? It is a big hit in RL particularely in the sneakers market - so why not in SL? Also raffles to get a chance to buy a limited edition item is an idea taken from the RL world of fashion, would that be allowed?

    Cause Raffles are gambling

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