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  1. 2010 was my last year as a bunny, in 2011 the bunny years came to an end and I have been unicorn shaped since then.
  2. The way I see it I will not be moving on from this anytime soon, unless there is an official public apology for the 'dog whistle' attack, but I doubt this will happen. A member of my community was deeply upset by the actions of MadPea in using their game systems to launch this attack and I will stand by my friends even though it means walking away from an aspect of Second Life that I really enjoy.
  3. After investigating this complaint The Dark Unicorns of Lovelace will no longer host hunt items for this company on any of our group land. We cannot support the use of hunt items to launch 'dog whistle' style attacks on fellow Second Life residents as this is an abuse of the trust we held in the company that runs these games. This is why you will no longer see the participation of the Aquila III region in future hunts organised by this company.
  4. Still broken for me, endless 'Failed to upload image to your Profile Feed'. There are Christmas bunnies that need photographing! NooOOoOOoooooo!!!!
  5. Very impressive! Looks like that VBO setting makes a huge difference, particularly in our sooty steam city. It's got to look amazing on that 27" IPS display!
  6. We will look forward to seeing your new movies now you have a shiny new iMac. Particularly if you can shoot in New-Babbage again.
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