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  1. Maryanne Solo wrote: As I munch 2 toasted ham & cheese multigrain sangas for brekkie.... cause I'm on holidays.. 8P & whether this relates to the OP's post or not idk cause I was busy reading both testaments.. All I want to say is that Wirtual Vorlds are indeed the playground of.. (lightning crack! & deep booming male voice).. ->Satan:matte-motes-evil:<- :smileysurprised: himself. You may well laugh ye heathens! The amount of pixel bling, lewd dancing, vile cussing, unrestrained violence & restrained boinking is truly lamentable :smileysad: and that's just at the welcome centres Gor'ddamn it. The whole concept of paying actual money for virtual space is just totally, absolutely, morally devoid & corrupt. The good lawd made that virtual space 2 you know. *nods-> frowning at u ^~ I have also (after being led astray by long term SL devotees), consumed many pixel majik mushrooms and huffed through acre upon acre of virtual maryhoo-whaana. Fortunately (as u can tell) It's hasnt affected me one iota. I have finally formed the opinion that SL should be renamed to: Lucifers Life... or wife, depending on your gender. Gawd.. us all. Ps: I'm off to gods facebook page to dob you all in :smileylol:
  2. KittyCats is still mine and many others' N° 1 fave even after 2 and 1/2 years of existance for many reasons but i'll just post this link for those who haven't come across them yet : http://kittycats.biz/forum/ (over 9K members and still growing) If anyone would just like to try them out to see, theres still the free Firestorm birthday Firekitty available on some of the KC market sims : http://www.firestormviewer.org/happy-3rd-anniversary/ permapetted so no food required, and you get a free starter box with the deal in case tempted ^^ Otherwise i haven't been smitten by any other breedables until i came across this one : http://oceaniabreedables.com The six woman Oceania dev team have all been in breedables and they've got together to produce what seems a very promising number with a bucketload of very innovative and fun features for ex.: they'll hunt , sometimes find food and other items very usefull to the game. Back and sibling breeding so we won't need armies to get somewhere. Beta hasn't started yet but they do produce free plushies quite often and what was just a fun free gift has allready turned into a full blown craze for many, the rarer ones fetching decent prices allready. They've open beta'd one of the features, crafting so we ge to enjoy that for a week when they put it on. Otherwise no pre-ordering, no pre-release money grabbing at all in fact which bodes well. I'd say this may well be the next biggie, i'll be in on this one for sure.
  3. I'm hoping that Alidia or Hermit may look in here or anyone else who owns or has managed to track down these old textures. I've at last managed to find a couple of the sidewalk textures i'v e been coveting for 2 years but would like to find more of the set, especially the crackhouse sidewalks. Raki Barbosa seems to have the one i'm really needing at Lost Dawn but he's never around :p And of course anything else scrummy i may not have come across yet. I've also found quite a few of Stinky Queso's if anyone is searching for these.
  4. valerie Inshan wrote: That's one hour to go.... Not the end of the world. :smileywink: (Mayan advice:D) ROFL !
  5. My sim having poofed a couple of hours ago, i thought i'd share this info with those who don't yet realise it. I find out have to wait until 8 am SLT for someone to get to work to (hopefully) fix this. I just can't believe it's not possible to provide at least some basic 24/24 maintenance service. Too dumbstruck to get angry ... yet ^^
  6. Well nothing much seems to be fixed as of today, in fact even more issues than before for me and some of my friends. Get ready for more fun and games today guys
  7. AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB on Mac/Os Lion using Phœnix seems to run fine for me ** 2,7 GHz Intel Core i5 4 Go 1333 MHz DDR3
  8. But Peggy thats their job, they are paid to do it and hiccups happen all the time there. And i doubt very much if the idea of a bunch of sl junkies going through virtual withdrawal (because believe me, thats the way we must seem to most of them) for a few hours raises more than a slight smirk from the grid monkeys - and who knows maybe there was an important match coming up or something so the issue was resolved fast. The customer is'nt king anymore and certainly not at LL. Sorry to sound cynical but thats the way it blows these days. Thanks anyhow guys :matte-motes-wink:
  9. Ok so who forgot to fill the generator tank again huh ?
  10. I know this is a long shot but are there any "oldies" out there know where i can get a full set of Stinky's textures ? I've managed to get my hands on a couple and the quality is excellent, dying to get the rest. Would be very gratefull thanx :)
  11. For Lion issues, take your pick : https://discussions.apple.com/community/mac_os/mac_os_x_v10.7_lion You can also see here that safari certainly doesn't work fine for almost everyone. And sure, when Apple starts going the Windows way it absolutely is a big crunch for many, especially those who have been with mac since the OS 8/9 days and further back even. Unfortunately yes i do understand only too well how free market economics work. Ethic, and integrity have become four letter words. And as for quality, who gives a **** anymore. Anyhow our fabulous free enterprising perverse vampire of an economic system is teetering on the brink of auto-destruction and very soon will be no more (hehe) ... oooh ! the wailing and gnashing of teeth will be deafening ... but that of course is another subject . In order to attract more of the market it would have been possible to level up in many ways instead of levelling down like this. Too many features are eyewash and if you want your mac to run comfortably you soon realize that the standard 4GB ram will need updating to 8. I don't know about other countries but in France, when purchasing a new mac on Apple site it's clearly stated that in the package one receives snow leopard installation CD but instead of this you receive with Lion pre-installed and no CD, and when you contact sales dept. you're informed that if you want snow then go buy it. (In fact Apple possessed more like 5% of the market about 10 years ago, not sure where it's at now.) Sorry you took my post as a personal attack but it covers just a very few of the issues i have discussed with other mac user friends, notedly those in the pre-press and printing industry.
  12. Exactly the kind of observation which impedes the progress of fundamental research
  13. His schema may well impress the layman but in fact in fact my experience as a top quantum physicist enables me to perceive that the wrong side of toast has been buttered
  14. 1.Take 1 cat as this has a-quantive properties as in the tunnel effect and falls on it's feet whatever the situation. 2. Buy some bread, preferably grey as this contains the most catalyzing agents, and effectuate an extremely precise toasting of. 3. Apply a coat of butter, being very careful to butter the right side (extremely important). 4. Fix toast to cat with sticky tape. 5. Throw cat in the air. 6. OMG It doesn't fall !! AMAZING !! Murphy's (Sod's) law is cancelled with the cat's properties, thus creating rotation vector W = BxC ! where B is the Butter vector and C the Cat vector as defined by Maxwell. 7. Install a dynamo system on cat, you now have a new inexhaustible source of free energy !! eg. in vivo : http://desencyclopedie.wikia.com/wiki/Fichier:20061009-tartine-chat-antigravite.gif  
  15. Yep. Absolutely no wonder Lion has been dubbed OSX Vista. And the big crunch is that it's now imposed on new macs without even having Snow installed as option : if you wan't Snow and don't posses the CD you actually have to buy it and reinstall. Biggest joke, it even glitches with safari. If i'd wanted a horrible interface like that i'd have bought an Ipad. And as far as the design of the actual material goes WTF are they thinking about producing a keyboard that needs cleaning practically every day and as for the new mouse it's a total disaster, thank god for Logitec ! So now it's all totally about appearance and snob appeal. Apple has betrayed it's faithfull pro users and gone for the mindless mass market. Used to be the most incredibly solid, functional, dependable systems on the market and a joy to use. It never, ever let me down. Dammit the first iMac i learned in off by heart less than a week while friends were still floundering with Windows after a year of pain and frustration. Apple has become a market whore that i find no longer defendable. R.I.P.
  16. I had more or less the same prob a couple of months ago. LL was very fast about answering this one and i have a basic account lol (24 hours) this worked for me : > I have been seeing errors like this over the past several days for PayPal. > The only other thing that I can suggest is to delete all payment information > from your account, clear your browser cache and then reenter your information. > Wait for 30 minutes and then try to purchase some lindens.
  17. Just in case you haven't happened upon this yet, a pretty exhaustive list of TPVs some of which will still allow playing of SL on older PCs (not sure for how much longer though) : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory Hope you'll be able to afford a new PC soon ** Boy Lane's viewers have a long reputation of being stable and lite too : http://my.opera.com/boylane/blog/all-new-rainbow-1-22-12 I tested mac version and it was twice as fast as V1 on a 2006 e-mac (non intel)
  18. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote: .... They won't stop until the grid is perfect and bug free. ......... I still believe in father Xmas, unicorns, and the tooth fairy
  19. Had this prob when testing lion the other day on a friends imac. Best workaround i found was to create a folder on desktop then redirect in SL prefs . With phœnix you can deplace this and most cache files too i think and i've allways done this anyhow as i don't like having to dig around when i need to check chatlogs, clear all cache and sometimes user files. But what a totally cretinous idea on the part of apple designers to hide library!!! I don't give a **** about shiny new buttons and gadgets i want to be able to have my HD icon on the bureau and get at what i need when i need it. Apple says this decision was made because users hardly ever need to go into library WTF!!! And what was so wrong with sherlock back in the OS9 days where u could find anything you needed in a flash. Also BEWARE anyone who buys a reconditioned Imac now. You will not receive a snow leopard installation CD as stated but Lion pre-installed and no CD to back up. Can maybe do a clean install if you posses snow CD but not sure about that. * otherwise you can get at it under "go to" (i presume this is the english trans, I'm in french) in the finder menu bar. **LMAO apple C° is starting to strangely resemble another C° we all know don't you think ?
  20. Templus Carrasco wrote: "LL is aimed at the common user experience, which is casual users and consumers" ~anna Acanthus Well in fact it was Void who hit the nail on the head again, not me  Many of that 10% fought tooth and nail and for years to make V1 an acceptable and workable viewer and made SL a visually enjoyable and user friendly experience for the other 90% to play, lolol and grief around in. And as for them being over represented on this forum i've just realized that as well as being the backbone of SL economy they are also the reason that there actually is a forum by contributing massively to the knowledge base amongst other things. they even kindly take the time to politely answer such threads as " OMG my hair won't rez…", "HYALP !! ah wanna look like Brad Pitt … "etc. etc. It's normal that the tech section is mostly contributed to by tech minded people .  Instead of hiring and paying god knows how much to a seemingly incompetent outside C° who made an even further colossal mess of V2 it would have been far more intelligent to involve some of the highly efficient TPV developers and the numbrous talented coders and builders present in SL in the construction of a new viewer, and we would now have an SL tailored made viewer which all users would find easy to initiate with and enjoy. (Far from that, i doubt if they even took much into consideration the ideas of even the remaining original LL owners although apparently these have done their best to be seen to support the brand new shiny decision makers.) Result : the 10s of 1000,s of potential new players who soon gave up in disgust and desperation when confronted with V2 or the basic viewer would still be with us now and contributing to economy growth. I doubt that if we were still on a V1-like interface the latest results would show less growth than they now do.  Anyhow we know that these will provide us with what we need and Firestorm will surely end up being as user friendly and functionable as Phœnix. It's just that this really oughtn't to be necessary, but there you go … and these developers are yet another reason that SL is still alive.
  21. I'm creating this thread out of interest to know if there are any creators and builders out there who actually manage to work with V2. They are the backbone of sl economy, without them there would be no SL . However their needs seem to have been totally ignored with V2 devellopement : (*Void Singer " .....but the extra clicks seem to be mostly constrained to build and upload actions.... it seems they optimized the rest for casual users in their desire to simply that experience....") Many of my friends are creators or who like myself spend most of their SL time sculpting their environnement and not one of them uses V2 or Firestorm although they would like to acces mesh and certain new functions if they had a stable and manageable viewer they could work with. *would be gratefull for your thoughts, workarounds, comments in general...
  22. Well i guess the vast majority of SL users (those of us who cling "mindlessly" to V1 and snowglobe based TPVs) will just have to suffer being unable to view your mesh earrings in silence ...
  23. Pie menu is faster to use because the visual field is larger but takes less space on the screen than drop down. A circular display of information is easier for the eye thence the brain to integrate than a linear. Also the pie menu disappears as soon as the section is selected . Pie is faster. Period.
  24. Hi there Calyxa You could well find that rainbow works fine for you . Boy Lane stopped develloping it early last year because of LLs TPV policy but it's pretty complete and above all is much faster than v1 with most of the adavantages we had with emerald. Worked great on my PPC e-mac. http://my.opera.com/boylane/blog/the-final-final-rainbow-for-macosx
  25. Perso, i have absolutely no time for any kind of hierarchical system whatsoever. It allways seems to me a rather perverse and unhealthy practise which encourages latent narcism and can reinforce compensatory behaviour in weaker personalities who may have existentiel problems, are unable to achieve any kind of recognition in real life etc .... if the fact of being unable to achieve a rank status on a forum makes one unable to sleep nights then maybe it's time to consult . I will say though that the majority of ranked members here seem to have a healthy and stable attitude towards their status and provide usefull and constructive information in a respectfull manner and thank them for kindly taking the time to help guide others throught the SL labyrinth.
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