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  1. A simple fix for this is to have a small script that monitors the state of all scripts in the object, it can be duplicated to members of a linkset and communicate with a link message. Before using this function simply issue a command to stop the script state of all other scripts, then after you arrive in the new region, just restart them. Obviously this will not work for people who have scripts saving data that needs to be present as restarting the scripts will lose their data, however it will work for those wishing to simply not get the dreaded UNABLE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT STATE THIS SCRIPT IS IN message.
  2. IM's 20fps or more click local chat and it drops to 3 fps... barely movable.
  3. Many many people are experiencing this issue. I have found many posts in researching this issue (it's happening to me too) . My viewer goes from 20 fps to 3 fps, when i click from an IM window to local chat window. I have several degrees in applied computer science and my computers are all operating normally. I thought at first it was because they had taken out the ability to save a new chat file every day and maybe the chat file was hundreds of meg, but then i checked, and they switched it so that now every new day starts a new 24 hour chat log date and time stamped. So not sure what is causing this but i am very curious now. I did hit control shift 9 to look at frames and saw massive data heading to the user interface ms. not sure why.. .hmmm curiouser and curiouser.
  4. Mine are not reappearing either, wow... everything is gone, all my furniture, every single item on that land in that sim... wow... Have you guys thought of setting up a test sim with houses, and letting people live on it, so you can test it on like one test sim before you stick it in production?
  5. I brought a friend into secondlife, and my friend tp'd into morris welcome center with me, and a person was there wearing a gpu crasher. After over an hour of not being able to do anything, my friend left second life without ever leaving the welcome center. I contacted direct support b/c im a premium member, and of course they said "file an abuse report." But seriously? Don't you guys even care that new people are being crashed in the welcome areas by people wearing devices they are not supposed to have there? etc.??? Could you at least do the courtesy of investigating it? I mean that's the one person I talked to about sL and how great it was, and we could not even get out of the welcome center box. What is going on? You guys? Seriously you need a staffer of some sort there to make sure noobs dont get abused like that... good god. I can tell you this much, my friend may not ever come back. A loss to sL and my friend, and to me.
  6. Like many merchants on these forums, I agree with you the review system is not fair to the merchant. You spend all that time scripting, building, sculpting, even creating animations, upload your product, and some wonderful customer tries to wear your pants as a shirt, then complains it's a bad shirt. And there is nothing you can do. Sales go down like a rock in a well. So I decided not to play this particular mind game with marketplace. I deleted all my items i created, and some of them are very very good items. Some of my items are not sold by anyone else in marketplace... or secondlife.... My marketplace now reads like this: items listed: 0 They tried to tell me it was my responsibility to contact all my customers and have them write glowing reviews to smash the bad review that was unjust. It was the first bad review of an amzing product, and also the first review, even though everyone loved it and they were selling like hot cakes. until the bad review. By the way, the customer never contacted me, never told me there was a problem, never asked for money back, nothing. We contacted the customer when we noticed the bad review, only to get a lot of tone about how their pc was too slow. Ok. Sorry. Can't help you there. So I sculpt the product, i script the product, i create my own animations for the product, i get all this done, then i have to make ad photo's for marketplace, then create a listing, then text documentation. Now I have to go harassing my good customers that love the product, if and when i can find them online, and beg them to write a good review of my product so that I cancel out the person that wore my pants as a shirt and complained about it? Nope.... No thanks. Not doing it. I will boycott marketplace and not purchase another thing there until the review system gets fixed. I will not sell anything there either. I deleted all my items I was selling. Have a great day, without my awesome stuff.
  7. I deleted all my products from marketplace. I saw you put this here over a year ago and nothing has changed. I promise not to sell or buy anything else on the marketplace, until they fix the review system, and at least give merchants some options to fix a product review.
  8. This same thing has happened to me. Everyone says they love the product, then after selling many of an item, I suddenly get a horrible review rating my product as junk. The product states in the ad it uses silverlight. A feature included with newer versions of internet explorer. It is not my fault if a customer claims silverlight slows their old pc down. My God at least get a dual core computer so you can run second Life at a decent speed. I deleted many of my products off of the marketplace, and I am not going to spend any more time developing anything else to sell, until this unfair and unjust crappy system of rating peoples products is removed or fixed. I also refuse to purchase anything else off of marketplace - from now onward I will only make the things I need. You don't want to listen to us creators? You don't feel like we deserve an equal say? Fine, then I will simply not participate in the selling and buying aspect of products in the marketplace.
  9. Hi, I bought land in second life for my second house. As soon as i purchased the land, a house of prostitution appeared with 40 people day and night. The lag is unbearable. I am trying to sell the land only a month later. I listed this mainland which I own for sale, yesterday and it has been 24 hours but the land is still not listed in the searches for sale. How long should it take for land to be listed for sale?
  10. A week or two ago I was given a web link that was related to current plans to link the master account to the alt account. The reasons were for things like: If a sim owner that spends a lot of real $$ bans a person, then that person and their alts should be banned to not further upset the sim owner that is paying a lot of real $$, while alts are usually free accounts. I know that many sim owners have wanted this for a long long time. But I cannot find the link again to where that was being discussed, does anyone have any idea? I just spoke to a lady today who gave up her sim out of frustration due to a greifer returning as alts, and harassing other patrons to her sim as well herself. Also I recently found out of a situation where a banned person returned as alts, and married the 3 leaders of another sim, and convinced them it was real, then dumped them all. Ouch... No wonder sim owners want that, though a few do not want it. But anyway does anybody have the link to where this is all being considered?
  11. That definitely sounds as though you may be wearing an rlv collar or rlv device or scripted attachment which has limited your ability to rez items. However since this IS a second life error you are getting, it would seem as though there is a permissions error with your account. Let's try finding and deleting the cache for the second life application. Make certain the lands that you are going to have rez rights enabled. Try reinstalling the software. Try a different computer. Try a different viewer. To me personally, it sounds like something has happened in your cache, a worse case scenario may be some sort of bizarre server side database error that only a linden can repair. Good luck, please let us know how you fair after trying these steps. - sincerely, Pc.
  12. This post is from long ago, what I did find out was that I didnt have to have a "linden home". I was able to bid on mainland and get land in adult areas. There I was able in the main land to set many land flags. The flags I set were: do not let anybody on nearby land see us. Keep all voice to this parcel. Keep all gestures, chat, and media to this parcel. All these things make me practically invisible in adult land even to my neighbors. Keep everyone out of my little nest. etc. hehehehe.
  13. Há alguém aqui, e sim, existem jogos no Brasil. Second Life é apreciado por muitas das pessoas do Brasil. É um jogo divertido e excitante. Deixe-nos saber com mais informações se podemos ajudá-lo.
  14. PcTek Cyberstar


    As imagens podem ser editadas usando loja de fotografias para colocar na capa de uma revista do falso. No entanto, se você está perguntando sobre um indivíduo específico revista publicada por alguém que usa o Second Life. Eu sugiro que você entre em contato com esse grupo e perguntar-lhes se eles estão interessados ​​em entrevistá-lo. Boa sorte.
  15. Did you put them in your marketplace direct delivery outbox? Did you try setting them as inactive and setting them as active again? Did you create a listing for these items? Could you give please give more specifics about the problem? Do be aware there have been some marketplace issues. Please let us know if we can be of more help, and if you can provide more information.
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