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  1. OK, I think I've got it fixed. The DSD Dragon male body actually uses a flat-chested female shape. I switched the SL avatar shape base from female to male and the neck problem cleared itself up right away. However it did give my body the bad old SL male avatar 'gorilla' shape. Can't win 'em all, eh? Oddly, this issue didn't affect any of the other mesh bodies.
  2. I've finally decided to take the plunge and go mesh and have done the sensible thing by trying out the various demo before parting with my money. Of the ones I tried out [Slink, Altamura, Absolut, Belleza], the Belleza Jake ticked all the boxes for my requirements. I was just about to buy the full version when I noticed that the body shape I normally use left a huge gap between the mesh body neck and the system avatar neck underneath. When I switched over to the shape supplied with the body, it broke my head and made my eyes pop out! The two pictures I have included show the aforementioned neck gap with my regular body shape in the first picture and the broken head / pop-eye effect with the Belleza Jake shape in the second picture. I keep all the correct parameters for my head [DSD dragon] on a notecard so that when I buy an avatar with a custom body shape [robot/mechanoid avatars being a case and point], I make a copy and edit it so that I can use my head with it. Unfortunately the shapes Belleza supply are no-mod so in this case it's not an option. I would need to buy a modifiable body shape for the Belleza Jake that works with the old SL avatar head. I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. I have several alts all of whom I am switching over to mesh bodies and whichever mesh body I finally decide on it will end up being a bulk buy so I want to get it right first time around. If I can't get hold of a modifiable body shape for the Belleza Jake, I'll go for the Slink body. Both of them handle the old-school clothing layers and alpha cuts very well. The main difference being that the Belleza body stores multiple outfits in the HUD. That means I can use one body for multiple outfits cutting down on inventory bloat. Setting up separate bodies for each outfit isn't a deal breaker as such but keeping my inventory size down is a plus for me.
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