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  1. im looking for a skin with tan lines...ive tried marketplace not much selection can anyone tell me where to go
  2. wtf is going on? i cant tp cant im my linden balance wont show up my avi is messed up ive tried restarting my router and everything is it just me?
  3. need a shape made contact me if intrested
  4. is there away to at least get ims...im on my dsi right now
  5. would someone like to talk im bored and lonley ...my master dumped me cuz i cant voice and now im all alone...HELP
  6. hiya pussycat im also looking for friends...would like to be yours you sound fun i cant get in world atm but feel free to add me...
  7. please it real important i cant get inworld atm and need to talk to Maxis Sparta...plz tell him to email me at auzziesangel@yahoo.com ty and if i need to pay i will
  8. hi all im in need of a makeover badly i want something that will make my Master drop his mouth if you can help plz private message me ty in advance
  9. i got booted and cant get back in was wondering if someone can get the message to wolfy teardrop and give him my email addy its auzziesangel@yahoo.com
  10. i cant get inworld and need to talk to RAMBO4YOU.if you are in world could you plz im him and tell him to emailme at auzziesangel@yahoo.com i really need to talk to him its urgent
  11. decided my friend is more important so hes not worth losing my close friend over
  12. hi there....u can try buying linden ...thats the only way i knowwith ur avi being 14 days old...u can try legends its a rock club...look up nicci winsmore and or teddi pearl ad tell them i set you lol good luck
  13. willing to pay 1000 linden per week ...must have home set up
  14. im a experienced dancer who emotes well...im looking for a daning job in a well known busy club...please get back to me if intrested
  15. no i dont go for that kinda thing at all... he WAS her master isnt anymore...they talk in rl too. im just confused nothing more
  16. hi all i need some advice a master has taken some intrest in me...the issue is he was one of my close friends master.she has not been online for 3 weeks.so he wants to move on and is considering collaring me.said i could lose my friend over this...i really care about him and care about my friend and dont want to hurt her or lose her...i think sir cares for me too...do i pursue him? and the last time sirand i talked he said we will talk very soon mine...hes called me my girl, my sweet girl and mine...does that mean he considers me his?
  17. hi leee, i really have no advice to give as it seems most of its been given...relax and be yourself dont put on airs for noone because if you do then they dont get to know the real you. and by the way yall are funnyand hot lol smiles
  18. sorry for posting this topic just trying to make convo plz forgive
  19. i am married in rl but my husband in rl and me keep sl and rl seperate.i possibly have a master and my rl hubby agreedto letting me have one as long as it dont go past sl...whats your thoughts on the subject
  20. my name is pinkie luv on sl i use her now because of issues so get ahold of pinkie luv if intrested
  21. hello my name is pinkie and im looking fora Master that will treat me well.im 33 from the west coast im married in rl.im shy sweet sensetive affectionate frendly and very loving.if intrested plz contact me here or in world
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