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  1. I Solved it, I had updated my credit card info but had not made any transaction with it. I bought some L$ and the upload button seems fixed.
  2. Agni grid, Mesh Sandbox 0 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mesh%20Sandbox%200/144/103/23 a friend uploaded hat here not long ago
  3. I am on a mesh sandbox. There's people uploading stuff
  4. Hi, I have payment info on file and passes the tutrial with a 10 (yes, I'm a nerd) but when trying to upload a model I still get the warning saying that I'm not enabled for mesh model uploads and my upload button remains dissabled. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. ooooooo... yes, disabling basic shaders does fix it!
  6. I decided to give V2 a last try and do this... result was a similar disaster, I just realized though this problem only affects textures with alpha channel, other textures are ok. Anyway, time to switch to Phoenix here.
  7. My viewer just updated autmatically, I tried to log in and textures are all messed up, lamp texture loads on th wals and floor texture loads in my hair!!! some sculpties are all messed up too. I tried to clear my chache but exactly the same result. Anybody else having this problem?
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