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  1. My impression of bento heads so far....thoroughly unimpressed. They have very limited modability compared to system heads. While most of the sliders have an effect on shape, the effect it does have is pretty limited, based heavily on the mesh shape of whatever head you buy. While the bento heads do provide greater customisation than previous mesh heads, it's not that great. For example, when using Catwa's mesh head, I noticed that it was impossible to complete remove the droopy/saggy looking eye shape the head has by default. It was impossible to create a button nose, as well. What makes all this worst is when I consider the prices of bento heads. At 3k and up for halfway decent (and even ugly) mesh heads for the head itself and basic functions like blinking eyes and so on, the price point for such a limited item is absurd. This is only aggravated by the fact that you have to completley redo your shape with the bento shape, a tedius process. Creators are asking us to pay thousands of lindens for very limited customisation ability and the annoyance of copying over a few dozen sliders for our body shapes.... I have not investigated bento for mesh bodies. I personally have no use for finger waggling (certainly not if I have to pay thousands of lindens to do so) and I never use wings or tails, so it's a useless itemfor me. I think that some people will get some use out of that functionality, but having not tested them, I can't say how well the body skeleton works.
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