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  1. That's good to know! I wanted to make absolutely sure that it wasn't a virus (The black boxes I mentioned earlier looked like command prompts, not the usual bubbles that appear sometimes in game) or something so that I don't kill my next computer. I didn't want to spend alot of money on a nice computer just to ruin it. At the moment, I actually don't have SL on my computer, as I did a complete wipe of my pc after the last issue. Thanks! Oh, okay! Thanks. I do clean my computer semi-regularly, but my computer tends to run hot. The fact that I stubbornly played SL on Med
  2. Okay, to start this off, I've had SL on about six different computers over the course of seven years (2011). Any computer I've tried to play SL on goes through the same diagnosis: I download the game and enjoy it immensely over the course of several months. While I'm playing, a black box with white text blinks into existence and then closes itself before I can read it. This usually happens several times over the course of a couple weeks. My computer starts randomly turning off while SL is running. No bluescreen, just, *boop*, like someone flipped the off switch wit
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