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  1. It's just possible that I may have something that you'd like in my stores. I have a reasonable selection to choose from in varying styles and you can try them out in store using my prefab rezzers. All are very reasonably priced too. Just look in my picks to find the stores, the one at Hochkonig is the newest and has prefab rezzers at ground level. Edited to add SLURLs Hochkonig (new main store): http://slurl.com/secondlife/hochkonig/32/215/94 Nuclear (main store): http://slurl.com/secondlife/nuclear/236/240/21 Huntsman (original small store): http://slurl.com/secondlife/huntsman/162/112/115
  2. Yes Phil, I'm bored at work waiting for the work to start dribbling back in after the bank hols
  3. I was that friend with a premium account, but that didn't work for my friend and I. Live chats were also tried, but the "support" staff all came back with the same response… "abuse report" is you're only course of action". As you can imagine that did not go down well as ARs had been filed for a couple of months with no action. Our problem was eventally solved resident to resident. This isn't usually possible though. Such a shame too as this current lack of support is only likely to drive more folk away
  4. I have to say that my experience with support lately has been pretty poor also. I know of others that are feeling particularly let down too. I recently filed a ticket after getting nowhere with Abuse Reports, only to be told "Unfortunately, the Abuse Report is your only recourse for action." I wonder when these ARs will actually be dealt with, this has been going on for a couple of months now. My friend who is also trying to get a resolution to the same issues I am had a the self same response from Live Chat. The sad thing is that once-upon-a-time things would have been dealt with in a timely fashion. I arrived here in the boom of 2006 when LL must have been struggling to keep up with support requests as so many new people arrived. But yet they still managed to offer support that actually helped more often than not. Funny too that now when you have a ticket dealt with, you don't get the email asking "how did we do?", like we used to. I'm guessing they already know the answer to that. I am however the eternal optimist... and I hope that sooner rather than later things do start to get better again.
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