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  1. Drake1 Nightfire wrote:

    CheriColette wrote:

    Im glad I never got started with them 'calling cards' now.


    How does someone not have calling cards?

    No idea, as theres no way to delete the folders, unless you delete each calling card! maybe thats what she did lol

  2. I seem to have a strange problem and don't know if others are having it or if it can be fixed, but everytime someone logs in and out on my friends list, it makes a new calling card for them so now i have 2929209303 calling cards for each person and its getting rather annoying, and is hard to delete them all because there is so many, Can someone help! before it drives me insane, as each time a new calling card is made when friend log in and out its adding to the amount in my inventory as well! PLEASE HALP! :matte-motes-mad:

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